Courageously Navigating Life

Navigating Motherhood, Marriage and Ministry
Courageously Navigating Life
That 4-Month Sleep Regression
...and 3 things every first time mom should know As a first-time mom, you do so much reading and googling. Looking up every little thing...
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A Look Back on Our Wedding Day
Do you ever look back on your wedding day? The excitement, the tears, and the love? A couple of weeks ago my husband and I celebrated our second year of...
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The 4th Trimester: It Takes Time
The 4th trimester. I had never given much thought to it you know. There’s a lot of information out there about pregnancy and birth but...
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5 Favorite Children’s Books
Our favorite 5 children's books and why we chose to start reading to Malachi at such a young age.  ***This post contains affiliate links. Clicking...
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Malachi’s 3 Months Old
My baby is 3 months old. Some days I can’t even believe. I look at him sleeping or laughing with his dad and I just...
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Pregnancy, Labor and Essential Oils
Surviving Pregnancy and Labor with Essential Oils Pregnancy, Labor and Essential Oils - greatest thing ever. I’m sure by this point lots of you have...
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