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Crystal Paterson

Naptime is a mom’s best friend. Those few precious hours to clean or shower or nap. For those working from home, it’s those few hours to get some work in. According to statistics kids nap until 3 or 4. Maybe even 5 if you’re lucky. That’s 4-5 precious years of those moments to yourself. There’s sleep regression, bad days, and rough naps but at least you hope they’ll be back to normal soon enough. We survived our 4 month sleep regression. I share about it HERE.

We didn’t really go through a 8, 10 or 12 month regression. We had a small sleep regression at 18 months, he’d wake up once in a while during the night but he’d fall asleep again on his own, and then I thought that was it. There would be no more regressions. Little did I know his 2 year sleep regression would be the worst.

Then Malachi turned 23 months. He decided 2 am is a good time to get up everynight and scream bloody murder. He refused to nap. I’d fight with him for an hour to fall asleep at naptime. 

He cried, I cried and everyone was so tired every day. I got so frustrated and tired of fighting with him to have a nap. On top of everything, I was in my first trimester with Ezra and extra exhausted. 

So we decided to give up naps. We had quiet time watching movies and sometimes he’d fall asleep. He’d go to bed early and fall asleep really good. But he’d still get up during the night. He’d scream, wake up tired, be cranky. I’d be tired and cranky and let’s just say it was a rough 3 weeks. I think the worst part for me was not being prepared. I didn’t realize that kids go through a sleep regression at 2 years. Some don’t, but it is one of the more common of the sleep regressions.

Regression Recap

So recap mama friend, be prepared there are approximately 6 sleep regressions our babes can go through. You may or may not experience it and I pray for each of you if you experience all of them!

Ages of Sleep Regressions:

4 month – common

8 month

10 month

12 month – common

18 month

24 month – common

Our Solution

My friend Jori at the Crib Coach (@cribcoach) helped me out. She told me don’t give up on the naps. Fight through until he gets back into it. They think they don’t need it when they get around that 2 years of age. Which I learned was another sleep regression. He was waking up at night because he was overtired and it made it a rough sleep. He fell asleep easily out of pure exhaustion. If you and your babe are having sleep troubles check her out! She and her team are amazing!

So we buckled down, it took a few days but we created a new routine for naptime that helped him know that it was time to go to sleep. Added a set naptime, after lunch. We’d have a bottle and give “night night” hugs. Now he’s napping again 1-2.5 hours a day and this mama is happy once again!

Our Naptime Routine:

We have lunch around 111:30/12. He eats and then right after he gets a bottle and we go into his room. I feed him his bottle and then he’ll either fall asleep or I’ll put him in his crib. I’ll sit with him for a couple of minutes and he’d be good to go. He loves to hold my hand as he falls asleep and I’m not complaining. I love those extra moments we have. By going down after lunch he doesn’t have the chance to start playing again or doing anything that gets him worked up. 

You do your routine don’t compare it to someone else’s. Each mama and baby is different. What works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa. Ask for advice, ask questions, and do your thing mama. You know best and you got this!

love Crystal

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