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Crystal Paterson

Our favorite 5 children’s books and why we chose to start reading to Malachi at such a young age. 

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I’m a huge fan of books! New books, used books. I mean I prefer new books, there is nothing like the smell of new books. I love reading, growing up I’d get lost in a book, up hours without noticing (definitely regretting it the next day). Vacations, I’d have a book in my bag at all times. I want so badly for my son to share that love too. There is such wonder in books and I want him to experience it too. As baby shower gifts I asked for books instead of cards, I want to build up a huge library for him as he grows up. As we were looking through them the other night for a bedtime story, and we picked the same one from the night before. One of our favorites, so I thought I’d give you guys a list of our 5 favorite baby books. They make great baby shower gifts and if you’re looking for fun books to read with your littles these are great to have.

We started reading bedtime stories when Malachi was 2 months old, to be honest, it was more for mom and dad. I love reading them to him. Now that he is a little older he really loves to see the books – the colors and pictures. We have lots of fun reading our favorites, maybe more than once a night, but every kid should get in that habit. Remind me in a year or two when he wants to read them over and over again before bed just to prolong going to bed that I said it was a good idea!

Our first favorite – the best baby book ever, makes me cry every time, I’ll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. This is my all time favorite, as well as both of his grandmothers. It’s just the sweetest book, talking all about a mothers love. Something you never really understand until you find out a little human is growing inside you or those adoption papers go through and your little one is coming.

Our second favorite is an all-time favorite, Dr. Seuss’ Oh Baby the Places You’ll Go. It’s such a fun read. The rhyming and the funny names are always fun. Dr. Suess doesn’t disappoint when it comes to rhyming. One day as he starts to understand the words, we read to him. It’ll be fun to hear him try and say those crazy names. Just something fun and exciting to read together. It will definitely help with his pronunciation practice.

Third, I Prayed for You by Jean Fischer. This book just speaks to us because it’s so true and to be able to read those words to him so he knows that we prayed for him and are praying for him every day as he grows up. It’s such a touching book, I may have shed a few tears the first time I read it to him.

Fourth, The Antlered Ship by Dashka Slater. It’s a great book; the story is great and the illustrations are absolutely amazing. My husband says I love it way more than Malachi does but I think when he gets older it’ll be one of his favorites.

Fifth and it is Malachi’s favorite, totally based on the crazy foot and hand movement and little noises he makes while we are reading it. The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Charles Reasoner. Who doesn’t love the itsy bitsy spider nursery rhyme? We can’t read it without singing it, but he loves is. The colors are great for his little brain. He can even hold it himself!

You may be thinking, 4 months is a little young. He doesn’t understand what you’re saying or what is happening. You’re right, he doesn’t understand but it does 4 things for us. First, it gives us a little time together, just the 2 or 3 of us, if dad stays for the story; away from everything else and all the distractions. Second thing, it’s a way for him to hear our voices, just like before he was born, there’s nothing like the sound of mommy and daddy’s voices. Third thing, brain development baby, it helps with their literacy, vocabulary, and language!! Forth and the last thing, he just gets so excited at all the different colors, kids love watching tv and other screens because of the colors and the movement. Books are a great alternative, especially if the book has flaps and other fun features. I’d love to have more for his library. If you guys have any great ones send them my way! I love to buy books!

Live Courageously, Love Crystal 

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  1. Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    I started reading to my oldest the day he came home from the hospital (Peter Rabbit in French) and continued with the others. As a reading teacher, it’s definitely the best gift you can give your children–time, attention, and the love of literature. “love You Forever” is one of our favorites–especially the ending when the mother is old.

    • Crystal Paterson

      My dad read that book to us! The ending of Love you forever is my favorite too!


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