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Crystal Paterson

Our newborn favorites – in my personal opinion they are the must-haves of mamas in order to make the newborn stage easier to enjoy the happy moments. 

Now that my little guy is almost 6 months old we’ve been going through and putting some of his newborn stuff in storage (for the next baby) to make room for all the toys he’s been getting into. I thought I’d make a little list of all our favorites, Malachi’s too.

First off my number one favorite – his swing! It was the one thing we splurged on and one thing I don’t know how I would have survived the rough nights and no nap days without. It was perfect for all those times he didn’t want to be held, or when he needed constant movement. Or for even when I just needed a little while to lay down on the couch next to his swing, mommy and son naps were perfect.

His little bouncy chair. It made it so easy to put him down while I did something but kept him close by. He even slept in it a handful of times. They are easy to pick up and move (not with the baby in it of course) and don’t take up too much space. We live in an upstairs suite, and it doesn’t take long for things to start to feel crowded so everything storable, small item is appreciated.

For the first six months, they recommend keeping the baby in your room. Close by to hear them. It helps reduces the risk of SIDS, for me personally it gave me a sense of peace having him so close. However, we didn’t have much space, so we got a bassinet. It was the perfect size to have beside the bed in the small space we had. Many people use playpens – which is just as great, we just didn’t have much space.

Another great newborn must have – a playpen (as I mentioned above). As Malachi reached 3-4 months, we switched him to the playpen and dealt with the space issue. They are also great for having a place for them to sleep on trips and other places.

Babywearing is becoming a pretty common thing now. It can provide such great bonding with your little one. We didn’t start until about 4 months in, but we love it. It makes getting in and out of stores so much easier. It’s comfy, you have both hands free when you need them. You don’t have to carry a car seat with you when you head into stores or run into the mall quickly. Our ring sling from @truenorthslings is my absolute favorite item that can be used for a couple more years too!

My last must have was actual blankets made to swaddle. Not the ones that you can wrap yourself, but ones with velcro that stayed wrapped. Malachi is a wiggle monster — he would not lie still at night — he would wiggle his arms and feet until he unswaddled himself and then cry because he didn’t like it. Talk about rough nights. Once we got the swaddles, it was perfect – he slept through the night and we didn’t have any escaping limbs.

These are my 6 favorite items. A lot of you might be thinking, well duh, everyone gets these items. They are basically what every mom goes out and buys first. However, as a first-time mom, with a strict budget to keep, I didn’t know the first “extra” items were going to work and be worth the money. So for other first-time moms out there, here’s a list of those items, the cheapest, best quality brands I could find for you! I hope this helps.

My best advice, for what it’s worth, don’t worry about what other moms have or that their material items are fancier. You don’t know their story. Just be happy with what you are blessed with and enjoy every moment with that little one. My almost 6-month-old doesn’t like to sleep on my chest anymore and it definitely makes me regret not taking that extra 5-10 minutes with him sleeping on my chest when he was 5 days old, or ever a couple of weeks old.  Enjoy the stuff that matters! <3

Live Courageously, Love Crystal

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