For a good night and a happy morning

There are certain things I have to do before I go to bed. It just creates such an easy-going, happy morning. Unless we had a rough night. But then even then, these things help just keep everything peaceful and simple in the morning. So here are the 7 things I do before bed.

  1. Tidy up the house — wake up to a clean house — Guys, seriously this is the best thing. Waking up, making coffee, and sitting in a perfectly tidied kitchen or living room. It sets such a great mood, rhythm, and feel for the day!
  2. Make coffee/prep the night before – It creates less work to do when you’re half asleep in the morning! I grind the coffee beans, set the coffee maker to start around 8 when I get up. Earlier if I need to. If we’re leaving in the morning I’ll set out clothes, pack bags, and anything else to help make the morning smoother! With a toddler, it makes a world of difference!

Once I’m actually heading to bed, I’ll start my skin/sleep routine.

  1. Wash my face – I’ve been super bad at this since my son was born. Just too tired I guess! But lately, I’ve been very serious about it. I’ll share some of my favorite products at a later date. With this step, I brush my teeth, take off my jewelry and stuff like that.
  2. Set your phone aside – I’m still working on this. I usually catch up on my social media, watch my show, or do other things on my phone. I’m working on leaving it on the dresser away from the bed. I’ll let you know how it goes. 
  3. Oils – I set the diffuser with my favorite oils. Lately, it’s been Gentle Baby, a blend of Tangerine, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, and some others, but it changes! I’ll add Frankincense, Lavender, or other sleep oils. I put on my favorite rollers, sleep, immune; my face oils, and hormone oils. Again it changes up, I’ll put on what I need when I need it. 
  4. Once I’m in bed, I read my Bible and Pray – This step is important to me, but it might not be to you, that’s fine. Any kind of reading before bed is great. I need this time to unwind, spend a little time with God. 
  5. Kiss your loved ones goodnight – For me and my husband, this is something we try to do every night! A habit I still want to be doing when we are old and gray. 

Hope you have a great nights sleep! 🙂

Love Crystal

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