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Crystal Paterson

We are about half way through our first year of homeschooling – my goodness has it been a learning curve. We are really focused on the the alphabet as the preschool curriculum which we got from The Good and The Beautiful. I love it so far. When we started, to make it a little extra fun, I did a whole week of apple focused activities. Starting with the ‘A’ is for apple sensory bin. It was a blast!

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‘A’ Sensory Bin


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  • lentils or split peas
  • bin
    • I use a bin from Ikea – the sensory table bins
  • scoops, cups, tongs
  • fake apples
  • flashcard
  • puzzle piece
    • These are currently unavailable, I’ve looked everywhere for some, so keep an eye on this link for restock. I got mine at Costco during back to school sales.

He loved the feeling of the lentils and to scoop them into the cups. It was great and something we could pull up often. It also helped him learn what sound a makes, how to really pronounce and say apple and the uppercase and lowercase ‘A’s.

You can check out the video of him playing HERE. Follow along on Instagram for more of our homeschooling journey. I’m sure I’ll have more posts in the future here too. I’ve got tons of ideas and stuff over on my Pinterest page too, so give me a follow!



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