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Crystal Paterson

Do you ever look back on your wedding day? The excitement, the tears, and the love? A couple of weeks ago my husband and I celebrated our second year of marriage. It came so quickly, I feel like I missed it. Our first anniversary I was counting down the days just like I had been leading up to our wedding day. Another milestone for us. One year down forever to go. Shortly after our 1st anniversary we found out we were pregnant, and the whole of next year just flew by.  We celebrated our anniversary this year with our 4 month old son, and it was everything I could ask for. This year leading up to our second anniversary was wedding season. We had a few weddings that we  attended. Some friends of mine are wedding photographers – so there was tons of brides all over my Facebook and Instagram feed. It really made me nostalgic for my wedding day. Most of the day was a blur – I remember certain details so clearly.  Our vows, our first kiss as husband and wife. Driving through the Tim Hortons drive-through because I was too nervous to eat before the wedding and I was starving afterward. I wish I could remember it all, every detail, every moment and every conversation. The day just flew by. Those feelings and memories I don’t think I will ever forget. I remember everything I felt that day. The feeling of waking up that morning nervous and excited, dancing that night with my husband. Seeing him at the end of the aisle, the feeling of so much excitement at what was beginning. The love for our friends who stood by us that day.  Of course, our families that came to celebrate with us.

My advice, save the money for a honeymoon. Or a house, those things are expensive! There’s not much more I can tell you about weddings and marriage, except for what I know and probably what others have told you. Never go to bed angry. Always say I love you. And that love and marriage is a choice.  You wake up each morning and choose to love your wife or husband. It doesn’t just happen. That honeymoon phase will wear off, and things might get hard once in a while. But just remember you chose this person, and you have to keep choosing them for however long you both shall live. It’s basically all in the vows!
I know for us the past 2 years have been a learning curve for both of us, and we still have lots to learn. When we got married, like all other couples we had to mesh our separate lives together.  Our marriage has had rough fights but we’ve had way more love and laughs. I was pretty set in old habits that made my husband frustrated, and vice versa. I’m sure every couple experiences this when they get married. Luckily my husband is big on communication and although I wasn’t great at it we learned how to communicate quite well and are still learning. It was a big thing in our relationship.  He needed to hear me say everything I expected of him and what I expected for us as we started building our home.  It changed what and how we fought about everything.  My other biggest piece of advice for new couples.  Communicate. Tell your husband or wife what you need, they can’t read mines. As much as we would like them to, they can’t. 2 years, forever to go. I love to say this each year, and I look forward to saying it 60 years from now too. The memories and the stories we have accumulated over the last 2 years have been beyond happy and full of love. We have so much more to learn and to discover about each other and about being married and so many more memories to make. Our growing family gives me that joy and excitement i felt on our wedding day. It was a magical day, but our marriage, that’s going to be quite the story!

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