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Hello! I’m Crystal

Wife to an amazing, thoughtful, loving man. Mother to a fiesty 2 year old boy, that definietly lives by the definition of a boy. Rough and tumble mixed with loving and kind. Mother to an angel too perfect for this world. Enneagram 9, learning more about me and growing along side me babies. I love learning, reading, and healthy living to a point, I do love my chocolate and drink way more coffee than is normal. I also love essential oils, DYI crafts and journals.

Mother, wife, ministry… some of the many labels that describe me. It’s a lot, especially when it wasn’t the “plan”. I’ve always had a plan, an idea of where  my life was headed from the time I was 13. However it didn’t exactly match up with God’s plan.  And to this day I still struggle making my plans and coming to terms when God interjects and tells me this isn’t the plan. 

I’m a newbie to this stage in my life, being only married three and a half years, one when I started blogging. When I started we were waiting for our first baby. Now he is 2, and we have another in heaven. My husband started in ministry those few years ago and we are still learning so much in that area. Everything is still new, still exciting and always chaotic. That busy lifestyle isn’t new to me, everyone has chaotic schedules and things to do. I don’t know about you guys but not having a plan or knowing what’s happening can be pretty scary. Anything that helps navigate it and fully trust that God’s plan is at play gives me a sense of peace but it also takes a little courage.

That’s why I started this blog, for other women out there who are just starting to navigate their journey. Mine is in the midst of the messiness of life, but also in the most rewarding things I could ever imagine. Marriage, Motherhood, Miscarriage and Ministry (I didn’t get all the M’s on purpose). I wanted to create a community of women in any journey who can be there and support one another. To help others have faith in God’s plan for their life and the life of their family or in whatever they believe. I want us to learn to trust that He will give us the tools and the courage to lead our families, grow our children in their faith and grow our relationships. To create a space where being busy and never really alone feel less lonely. To share in those hard experiences that shape and grow us. To be there for one another. To help each other courageously navigate life.

I’m always open to honest, hard and messy conversations. To be a listening ear for if you ever need it. You can reach me through my contact form. Or just shoot me an email at info@courageously.ca

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