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Crystal Paterson

I’m back at it. Blogging. I took the summer off. I wasn’t a small business owner. I hardly posted on social media, therefore there was no growth. No blogging, google analytics or SEOs. Blogging is hard. There is so much pressure to have high views, good numbers and everything else. I got tired and disappointed, so I took some time to really understand why I wanted to blog again and how I truly feel about it. About being accountable in why I started and staying true to that.

The main reason I took the summer off, was because I didn’t want to worry about everything during the first summer my little guy could participate in. His first summer he was 2 months old, other than sleeping through the day, we didn’t do much.  This summer he got to swim, camp and do all the best things in summer and I wanted to be fully present in that. Not concerned about other stuff. 

Now that summer is coming to an end, which makes me really sad, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. I’ve got markets coming up; lots of things are happening for my husband and me within his job and ministry. I’m rethinking my blog layout and future ideas and places I can take it. I’m rethinking my Instagram and what I want to accomplish through that. 

Instagram is hard. It’s hard to grow, but easy to get sucked into the pit of despair in terms of likes and followers. I can get disappointed in what I’m posting because others are posting way more and better content, with prettier pictures. It’s all-around hard to stay positive and on the right track with social media. When I started blogging, my sole intention with Instagram was to “advertise” my blog posts. Then I learned more about the influencing side of Instagram, and I really enjoyed growing and meeting this whole community I never knew existed. But I forget that amongst the followers and the features for 10k followers and everything else in between. 

So basically, what I’m saying is that I’m starting fresh. I’m going to do my blogging for each person, not a mass following. If my words and my experiences help just one mama, I’m good. I’ll keep doing it for just that one! My Instagram is the same, just one, that one person that needs to hear something happy, encouraging and to help that one know that they aren’t alone, ever!

Being Accountable

Being accountable and staying true in that is my goal for this next year. To be consistent in my writing and to be true to why I started this in the first place. 

Live Courageously, Love Crystal

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