Carter’s Spring Toddler Boy Clothing Haul


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Crystal Paterson

I went into Carter’s last month with the intention of looking around. I wanted to see what I could get for Mal’s spring size up clothes. He was running out of pants that fit and I needed to get something. I was going to wait, check out a few different stores and see. When I went it the deals were amazing and they had such cute stuff! We ended up doing the whole Carter’s Spring Toddler Boy Clothing Haul.

You can shop our whole spring haul on or via the links below. I shopped mostly 2T/3T. Got a few things bigger to last more into summer and then stuff to fit right now.

  1. Easter PJ’s
  2. Dino Shirt with Buttons
  3. 3 Piece PJ Dino Set
  4. Dark Jeans
  5. Blue Button Up Shirt
  6. Dog T-shirt
  7. Egg-roar-dinary T-shirt
  8. Sweats
  9. Joggers
  10. Light Jeans

We got everything – plus a few newborn baby things for under $150. The jeans were the best deal – for only $10/pair!

Carter’s has great sales and promotions if you keep a close eye out for when they are doing on!

You can check out last years Carter’s haul for summer!

Happy Shopping!

Love Crystal

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