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Crystal Paterson

In my home growing up we were never really into Halloween. My mom and dad didn’t dress up or have us dress up. We went out a few times with friends as we got older but I just never really got into it. My husband grew up in the same kind of way. So, we didn’t do much together and now with our kids. I always want them to make their own choices and I’m sure as they grow up they will, especially with things like Halloween. Since last year, Mal dressed up for about 25 mins and then decided he didn’t like it, but he does love fun Halloween activities and pumpkins. This year we opted for fun Halloween activities, snacks and treats! So on that note, here’s a quick round up of some fun activities, treats and even some fun diffuser blends for Halloween!

Links are numbered below photo.


Keep an eye out on my stories over on Instagram for our fun snack making throughout the week! You can also check out my soup recipe from last fall too! Can’t go wrong with BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP.


And during all our fun we’ve got these blends going in the diffuser!

Happy Halloween

Love Crystal

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