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Crystal Paterson

Top 5 Toxic-Free Products found in my shower!

What is in your products MATTER. Knowing what is in your products is important. Knowledge is power. And as a mama, I need that knowledge because I bring in these products into our home and into our bodies. You can read more about why it matters and some of the things that are in products that can cause harm HERE

We ditched and switched a lot of our products for toxic-free, natural plant-based products. I’ll take you through each area in our home and share some products we’ve switched over to. 

First, our shower. Not the whole bathroom, but products we use in our shower. 

The only main or top 5 products we use as a family. Switching over to healthier options in regards to our products has actually created less waste and less amount of products in our home.

What’s in our Shower:


YoungLiving carries 2 kinds of shampoo. I’ve tried them, and with the thickness of my hair, I just couldn’t get it to work. So we decided to go with Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Shampoo. After doing research on the ingredients (which are all known and easy to read), that is where we decided to go. There are of course different options, this is what we decided. It foams up nicely which is hard to find with natural shampoos. 

Using a natural shampoo does mean that your hair will be naturally greasier looking. There are no chemicals drying out your hair. For me, this meant not going 4-5 days between washes (mom life, I know). It meant washing my hair every 3-4 days and making sure to get in between the layers. 


Along with YoungLiving’s shampoo, they have the matching conditioner. While both Rocky Mountain and YoungLiving’s conditioners are both great, I love the smell of the YoungLiving one, with the lavender and mint essential oils just a little more, plus it comes straight to my door when I need more along with our other products. The Lavender and Mint are great for my hair type, but I also choose it out of convenience (just being honest with you). 

Baby Wash

Finding the perfect baby wash was super, if not the most important for me in terms of ingredients. Having better products at home for M was what started me on this journey. YoungLiving’s Seedlings Baby Line is my favorite for kids and baby products. His baby wash is perfect for soap and shampoo, but I mostly use it as shampoo now, body wash while he was a baby. It has Lavender essential oil in it which is so nice to help him wind down for bed. 

Bubble Bath

Rocky Mountain Bubble Bath is our favorite for those fun bath days. No harmful ingredients (I can pronounce, and I know them all), it is naturally scented which I love. And my super sensitive-skinned baby loves it!

Bar Soap

We use bar soap as our “body washes”, we always have, and when we switched we switched from your usual “Irish Spring” soap. Using Rocky Mountain Bar Soap has been our favorite, natural ingredients, scented with essential oils. There is also a small shop that makes all-natural soap. She’s a sweetheart and her soaps are amazing! Ash and Twig is her soap name, you can find her on Etsy and on Instagram. And for the super convenient options, YoungLiving also has bar soap that I love! I order than one if I’m making my monthly order and we need some.

So that is our top 5 main products that we use in the shower. I’m also a bath person so i’ll share those below.


I love a good bath, so these are more for my bath days!

Bath Bombs

I’ll make my own bath bombs when I have the time and ingredients at home with my essential oils. Most of the time I’ll pick up a few at Rocky Mountain Soap Company. And again YoungLiving has some that I love. The StressAway Bath Bombs are amazing!

Bath Salts

Himalayan Salt from the grocery store – great for sore muscles. I just make sure that there isn’t anything added.

Epsom Salt are also amazing, and I add in a few drops of my own essential oils. 

Essential Oils

I also add essential oils on the wall of the shower for a steamy aroma, especially when someone is sick. Peppermint helps clear those sinuses!

And that is that. Those are our favorite toxic free items. I can not stress enough reading the ingredients, researching products and just knowing what you are using. Knowledge is power, and knowing better means you can do better for yourself and your family.

I’m always here for questions. Shoot me message, leave a comment. I’d love to help in any way I can.

Love Crystal

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