Malachi’s First Christmas


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Crystal Paterson

Christmas came and went so fast, I don’t even think I blinked. With my husband working in ministry, December is a busy month and this year with it being Malachi’s first Christmas and the launch of my handmade diffuser jewelry, craft shows, blogging and sharing all about essential oils, it was even busier. We hardly saw each other, and Malachi didn’t see his dad very much. It was busy and hectic. A lot of stuff was last minute, and I didn’t get to enjoy the season as much as I usually do. But when Christmas Eve came it was so nice. We were all together and we finally had a moment to be still. It did go by rather quickly and I was a little sad, but I enjoyed our time together and it was perfect in its own way.

Christmas was different for me this year. We usually go to my parents and I love going home. My mom goes all out with Christmas decorations in her living room. I just love sitting by the tree reading my book, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying a little downtime, but this year it was different. We, like always, did our presents, Christmas Eve, Malachi stayed up late and opened all his presents. And by all, I mean like millions of them. He got so spoiled this year. We basically needed a trailer to take it all back to our house. He was a trooper. He was definitely falling asleep opening the last few. I think we enjoyed watching him open the presents more than he enjoyed opening them. The next morning we all slept in, as much as sleeping in is allowed with a 7-month-old. Christmas Eve wasn’t full of rest and hot chocolate like I was used too, there wasn’t much downtime or rest, but the excitement of Malachi’s first Christmas was just as wonderful.

Through it all, I just watched him. Rip through the paper, trying to eat everything, playing with all his new toys. I know he didn’t really understand what was happening but as his mom, I was so happy watching him explore his new toys and seeing everything that was happening. I’m excited for the Christmas Mornings to come as he grows up. This year, while I did get a chance to read by the tree while he was napping, I couldn’t help but think of each Christmas that has passed and how this one is my absolute favorite so far and I’m so excited for many more.

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. And this year just made it even more special to me! I hope you guys had the most wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, and I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best!

Love Crystal

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