My Dream

I started this blog to create a community, a community of mothers and wives navigating their faith amongst it all. My husband and I are involved in our church and we are brand new parents. I’m a new mom and a fairly new wife – we’ve been married for almost 2 years. Things can get a little chaotic at times to say the least. Anywho, at our 20 week ultrasound I was categorized as a high risk pregnancy and put on restricted activity. It was not my plan. I was no longer able to work and had about 20 weeks of sitting at home. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share my story. Sharing the difficulties and the opportunities that came along with being stuck at home. As well as hearing about others who are also going through different struggles or unplanned events.

Once that thought crossed my mind, I thought why not add a little bit about how my journey into motherhood along with my marriage and our ministry plays out. How I try my hardest to navigate motherhood, marriage and ministry as courageously as possible. I also wanted to know how other moms and wives do it too. I thought this would be a good medium to help each other out. And so the dream of creating this community and blog, Courageously Navigating Life, was born.

I didn’t know anything about it, where to start or even if it was a possibility. My parents and my husband all thought it was a great idea. My husband is great with computers and everything online, thank goodness. There were different options, however, the part I wasn’t expecting was the cost to create my new dream. Without me working we suddenly went from a double income household, to a single income household, which came with its own issues, let alone trying to manage a new cost.

I never planned on being a stay at home mom, I always thought it would be good for my kids to see me working, as well as their dad. I did however plan on staying home with them while they are little. When  I was taken off work early our plans changed and we thought that it wouldn’t be possible anymore. It broke my heart. We prayed and had faith that God would provide for us with what we needed.

So I decided to start this blog. My dream for this blog, along with sharing my journey, is to build a brand – a story that can encourage other women in their hard times as well as their victories. To be there for one another as we all navigate life, to encourage each other to do it with courage and without fear of the future. I want people to know what it means when they see my logo that they are capable of Courageously Navigating Life. That maybe the logo will remind them of a verse they read on my blog that just gives them that little bit of encouragement to get through one of the harder days. The best way to get my brand and what it means out there is probably through different products that people can show their friends and be able to talk about. A t-shirt from across the room just to remind someone they are capable, A mug that they drink out of each morning remembering they can live courageously. Or simply just wearing a bracelet that lets them know that they can do it.

Another passion of mine is essential oils. As much as I know now, and how much I use it, there’s still so much to learn and to understand. I know I’m not the only essential oil user who thinks so. I want to be able to provide resources for beginners as well as people who have been using essential oils for a while. I’d love to be able to put together a little recipe book for oils that I use for myself as well as my little one.


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