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Crystal Paterson

I don’t know about you, but reading my bible is hard. Sitting down and actually doing it is one part. But understanding, knowing where to start, or even what it means just makes it that much harder. Devotionals are my favorite thing to help make it easier. It gives me a certain passage, with accompanying verses to help me understand better. Someone made their interpretation and put it down on paper. For me, that’s a great way to help me, and when I understand something, it makes it easier to do. And it just overall makes the whole thing easier. So to help your bible reading journey, if this is something you struggle with too, I’ve written down my top 3 favorite devotional resources.

  1. She Reads Truth – my absolute favorite destination for devotional books. They have community access on their website, you can buy their books and they also have an app. There are also resources for kids and men specifically. Stuff for the whole family. Memory verse cards and activities for kids. It’s by far my favorite.
  2. Daily Grace Co – another favorite devotional source for their books. Devotions made for different times. My favorite is their Wait – a walk through Psalms devotionals.
  3. YouVersion App – there are these devotions written in them that are searchable by feelings. So whenever I need something specific or feeling strongly about something, I can find a devotional that will help with that.
  4. Well Watered Women Co – a great resource for all things tailored to women.
  5. Proverbs 31 – Another great resource of biblical study materials for women. A non-profit organization. It’s grown into quite the resource for women who really want to dive into the bible and biblical knowledge.

I’m sure there are many others out there and I would love to know about them so please leave a comment below with some of your favorite devotionals resources or books. I am always looking for more resources.

And if you’ve got any tips on studying the bible – let me know them too!

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  1. Casey

    what a great resource! I have to agree with Holly Jesus calling is my absolute favorite! I will be checking these out thanks for sharing!

    • Crystal Paterson

      Now I really have to check out the Jesus Calling one!

  2. Hollyanne Simon

    Jesus Calling is always my top. I loveeeeee unshakable by Christine Caine too. It’s a quick daily reading but so so powerful.

    Love this list!!

    • Crystal Paterson

      I’ll have to check those out! Thank you!!


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