Valentines ‘Love Baskets’ 2022


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Crystal Paterson

It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Love baskets – as they are called. Valentines Gift Baskets, presents, whatever you want to call them. Growing up we always got a card and some treats on valentines day. When I got married it switched from gifts, to flowers and dinner or a getaway weekend or whatever was in the budget. We were never like go all out valentines types, but when Mal was born I loved the idea of going all out crazy baskets full of fun stuff, activities all week, baking all the heart shaped things and everything.

Obviously, that is just wasn’t in our budget to do, but I found that just doing what we could was enough for Mal and that made it enough for me. Last year he got quite the loot, this year he has to share with his brother. Judah’s first Valentines! I’m sharing here what they are getting. You can shop it on You can also subscribe to my newsletter and get some more Valentines round ups and ideas straight to your inbox.

Okay, before I share I just want to mention that my favorite part of doing the Valentines Love Baskets, Easter Baskets, Boo Baskets (haven’t done yet, but who knows), is that it can be filled with fun stuff, but also practical things that they will need. I got some shorts for J for summer, cause I know he’ll need it. Clothing is always needed, pjs, alphabet puzzles. Things don’t have to be random or silly, it can be useful and something you’d buy anyways. I mean you can’t go wrong with educational toys, books and of course there is nothing wrong with a fun toy or stuffed animal too.


Here ya go! You can shop more outfits and gift ideas on And follow me on Instagram to see any photos of the boys in their outfits on Valentines.

Love Crystal

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