Cold and Flu Must Haves for Kids

We are entering cold and flu season. There is so many products out there that can help, here is my cold and flu must haves for kids.

We are entering that cold season. The regular every year one, not the C-vid one. Just your run of the mill cold and flu season. And there is so many products help kick those colds faster and it’s hard to decide what will help but I’ll share my cold and flu must haves for kids.

One of the hardest things I have found with motherhood is when my kids are sick and I feel so helpless. We got our first double dose in September. J came down with some really bad congestion and Mal got it the next day. Lets just say for a whole day we just sat on the couch and did nothing. Lots of Octonauts and Paw Patrol. Naps, nursing and smoothies.

After this, I got all our cold stuff together in case it happens again. I am prepared. We don’t get sick often – our immune rollers, essential oils and Ningxia help keep us healthy but when we do get sick, all these things help us kick it faster!

Essential Oils + Colds

We use our immune rollers (you can get the recipe HERE) everyday. And we try and drink Ningxia and eat healthy to help keep our immune systems strong, but that isn’t always the case. When we come down with something oils help us get rid of it fast. Mal was only sick for a day and Judah was congested for a little longer, but he was also teething at the time so I’m not sure what was still his cold or what.

For the kids we love Snifflease (Refresh in Canada), and Gentle Baby. Along with Thieves, Calm and RC (very careful with this one with Mal and I don’t use it with Judah). I also love Eucalyptus on the shower wall and running it to steam up the bathroom (I mostly do this for me and Jesse – it’s a bit strong for the kids, definitely Judah).

Oils, immune oils specifically, aren’t for magically keeping you from getting sick. Immune systems is a lot more than just Vitamin C and oils. What you eat everyday plays a huge roll in how your body fights illness. There is so much more to it – which is for another day. For now I’ll just tell you I have first hand experience knowing just how helpful oils can be when you do get sick.

If you or your family is constantly sick – it doesn’t have to be that way. There is stuff you can do, and I’d love to help so please reach out if you’re interested. Or if you’re ready to jump in, you can find your oils HERE. You can read more about our oil life HERE and catch up on some of it on Instagram HERE. And check out our cold oils HERE.

Cold Must Haves for Kids

Okay, so other than oils we have a few other must haves! Especially for babies! Mal is at the age now where he knows how to blow his nose good which is amazing for him.


Humidifiers, diffusers and a snot sucker – if you have to pick, these are the absolute cold and flu must have for kids. Obviously having a thermometer is essential. But these are huge. Along with our immune boosting foods and oils. Liquids – Ningxia, smoothies made with orange juice (all that Vit C), and tons of water. And we do our vitamins too.

The Journey

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