Starter Kit 101

Now you've got your essential oil starter kit, but you're not sure what to do. I've got your covered with blends, ideas and everything you need.
I no longer sell or buy much of YoungLiving, I use them, from what I have before and the kidscents line. I use Revive, I’ve looked into Sage and Fern and Petal. There are also Far and Wild Oils that are all well-trusted. This blog post shares what to do with the “starter” kit of oils – which is also a good place to start with any oils in general.

You’ve got your starter kit – now what?

Now that you’ve got your starter kit, what’s next? The first time I opened my kit I had no idea what to do. I grabbed purification and thieves and that was it. I didn’t use it for anything other than making the living room smell good.

Finding others that use it and can help is a good start. 

Ask me questions, please! I’ve got you!

The oils in your kit are all great and have different uses. You can check out each individual or on my old Instagram.


First off, take out your diffuser and place it somewhere you’ll see it every day and remember to fill it everyday and use it. Start simple. 2 drops Lavender, 2 Drops Lemon. Or 4 drops of Thieves. There are so other blend ideas below.

Until you’re comfortable using your oils, this might as far as you go. That is totally fine. If you’re looking for more ideas to use your oils, check out Pinterest, join my oil channel on Instagram and follow along! You can sign up for my newsletter – there are new blend ideas and oil info there monthly. Some of my favorite products are DIY ones I’ve done at home from recipes others have tried and shared in the group!

Okay, so we’ve walked through diffusing essential oils and other little ideas to do with your starter kit. Now let’s talk applying essential oils to your skin.


Some of the greatest benefits from essential oils comes from applying them. Rollers are my favorite way to do so. Teething rollers, bedtime rollers, immune rollers. We have rollers in all corners of our home. So it might be a lot to try but here are some ideas.

Add the drops you need. I don’t put more than 20-30 (1/4 of the bottle is a good measure too) drops for adults in a roller. No more than 10 for babies under 1, and then only about 15-20 drops until ages 10+. Once you add those drops, you fill the rest with a carrier oil.

Carrier Oils are used to dilute the essential oils because some oils are strong or “hot oils”, like peppermint. Fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, YoungLivings V6 oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil are just some of the many there are. My favorites are fractionated coconut oils (FCO), you can find it in the cooking oil section at Superstore.

If you are looking for rollers, don’t look too far. I’ve got some hand labelled bottles available. They will be online soon, but for now you can find pictures of products available on Instagram or Facebook.


If you ever feel burning or discomfort when wearing your oils, stop and don’t panic. DO NOT rinse with water, it just makes the oils get into your system faster. Clean the area with a carrier oil. Olive oil is a good one. If you get it in your eyes, don’t put olive oil in your eye, just rub it around your eye and it will draw out the essential oils. Some oils are photosensitive, each bottle has their labels and your product guide that came in your kit has notes about which oils are safe, need diluting or are photosensitive.

Again, researching and getting to know each oil is going to be the easiest way to get started. Pick 3-4 of your favourites and get to know them. And please ask questions! I want to help you, because there are so many benefits to them. I can’t wait for you to experience them too!

Can’t wait to do this wellness journey with you!

Love Crystal

The Journey

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