Why We Use Essential Oils?

Why we started using essential oils was to help with certain areas that we struggled in. Why we kept using them - there were so many more benefits.

I’ve talked about when and maybe even a little bit on why I started using essential oils over here. Why we continue to use them and why I want to share them with everyone is because of the benefits I’ve noticed in my family. I want to give other families the oppurtunity to experience these benefits. I was afraid at first of sharing about them, people thinking – oh boy she’s a little crazy. That’s too natural and holistic for me. But the more research and understanding I’ve gotten about what’s really in our products has me wanting to share a different way for everyone. I think people are afraid to start using them too. I think it is that people don’t really understand them, and therefore are afraid of trying them or using them. Or they’ve used them and it didn’t work right away or how they wanted it too and stopped and were just sure that it wouldn’t work.

The greatest thing about essential oils is not only diffusing them for their benefits but wearing them to help with different support. To be able to clean with them (And yes they do clean just like chemical cleaners you by at the store, interested/looking for proof, message me. I’ll send you some!) and know there isn’t anything dangerous in them. I use them is things from lotions to perfumes; cleaners and odor eliminators. You can use them with ages 0+, and on pets and other animals. There are tons of research and information that you can learn ahead of time to be sure and safe when using them with kids and pets. Like starting anything new, doing your due diligence is important. Their benefits and uses are endless. We use them for sleep, immune, emotional, hormonal support and I wouldn’t go back.

Why we started has to do with sleep, illness and overall making things easier. Why I kept using them, because they worked. I had to be consistent, make them a part of our routines and now we can’t go one day without them. You can to. Jump in and buy that starter kit, join my community and learn more about them. I started as a way to substitute candles, eliminate odors and help me sleep. What could you use support in?

Message me or comment below and let’s do this together. Check out @courageouslynavigatingoils on Instagram for some ideas and information if you’re looking for more.

Live Courageously, Love Crystal

The Journey

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