Holiday Gift Guides 2021

Holiday gift guides for all! Him, her, stockings for everyone. Kids, babies, grandparents, friends and more.

It’s that time of year! We’ve got holiday gift guides galore. Him, her, kids, stockings, hosts, friends, grandparents and more.

So, because I am in Canada, but I’ve got tons of friends in the US as well I’ve gone and doubled the guides for both – amazon links for my fellow Canadians and then also posted the gift guides on my Amazon Storefront for my US friends. You can shop those HERE.

LTK is picky on US vs Canada sites and shopping – so my Canadian friends just keep an eye out on what site you are on. The link will be the same just switch from .ca or .com. It’s complicated but this was the best way I could think of to share the links and the gifts we like and even some of the ones we’ve got.

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Holiday Gifts Guides for Him, Her and the Kids

Holiday gift guides for her, him and the kiddos.





Holiday Gift Guides for Grandparents


Stocking Stuffers

Stuff for the whole family! And if you’re into oils there is tons of great stuff in the holiday collection! You can read the catalog HERE. If you want to order something and you aren’t a member or don’t have an account head HERE. You can message me too – i’d love to help you out!


Gift Guides for Home Decor, Hosts and Friends



I do receive a small commission when you use these links – and I just want you to know how much we appreciate your support when using our links! It provides our family with a little extra at no extra cost to you!

I hope you have fun shopping!

Merry Christmas

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