Top 5 Places to Eat in Calgary AB – Covid-19 Friendly

Eating out was something that made me so nervous with Covid. So after our first weekend away, I put together our Top 5 Places to Eat in Calgary AB.

We recently spent the weekend in Calgary Alberta. A little time away just the 2 of us, spending quality time together while the little man stayed with his Memere, Pepere, and Uncle. I think he had just a little more fun than we did. So other than shopping and driving in Calgary, eating out is the best part. Different restaurants then we have at home and so many choices. With everything going on with Covid-19, we weren’t sure what to expect or how it would go. I was even a little nervous about the whole trip anyways being a big city and everything. Especially eating out, but we found some great places, so I’ll share those top 5 places to eat that are Covid-19 friendly.

Masks were mandatory there already, but they weren’t at home so I wasn’t sure how that would go either. Anyways, for anyone traveling there or just starting to get back out into the public. I’m sharing our Top 5 Places to Eat in Calgary and how COVID changed them. And a great thing is that some of these restaurants can be found in any Canadian Major city, and maybe in the states (but I’m not 100% sure).

So basic COVID-19 stuff. You basically wear masks within the restaurant, in and out of the building. Once you’re at the table you’re free to take them off. Most tables were separated from others or had glass separators. 

Top Place to Eat #5 – The River Cafe

Oh my, this is the cutest little place right beside the Bow River. It’s a little walk to get there, but so pretty especially in the summer. The patio seating is just the cutest thing out there. Their food is served in smaller portions, and a limited menu. The prices are definitely a little higher. $$$ (three dollar signs according to google). You can get a picnic basket and have a picnic. Super romantic. It doesn’t even feel like you’re in the city. You can check out their Instagram for more pictures.

Top Place to Eat #4 – Joey’s

Oh my gosh!! I love this restaurant. The food is amazing, the happy hour prices are unreal. And they have great drinks!! The patio at Joey Chinook is amazing. It’s cozy for summer nights. Like actually the best thing. Plus they have 4 locations in the whole of Calgary – so depending on where you are, less driving. 

Okay, this next part is something we noticed in most of the restaurants. They switched from menus to QR codes to bring up the menu on your phone. I have to say I loved this. It made ordering really nice. Plus no dirty menus to flip through.  You can find more pretty pictures on their Instagram.

Top Place to Eat #3 – Cactus Club

Cactus Club is one of the original, must-visit every time we go to Calgary. They have great food. Great atmosphere and cute patios. I have a huge thing for patios! So, if you know me, I’m from a small town. I moved here, to a larger city. But I love the feel of a large city like Calgary, or Edmonton. And I love Seattle. Anyways. The Cactus Club on 17th Street in Calgary is like in the heart of downtown. Close to Stephen Avenue, where you can walk around downtown. Parking sucks, but it is so cool! Check out there Instagram.

Top Place to Eat #2 – Monki Bistro (Breakfast)

There are 2 locations in Calgary – Inglewood is a favorite, right next to my favorite Apothecary store. Cute little side street patio – small. The whole place is small, but very urban feeling and super cute. The Beltline location is next on my list because they are in this cute area too. The breakfast foods are crazy. I had this Elvis French Toast. It was insane. Right now they have a pumpkin spice french toast. They come in skillets and it’s so good. Parking can be a bit hard, but it’s a cute street to walk down too. So parking a little ways away isn’t a big deal.

They also did the QR code for their menu and it was great. 

Top Place to Eat #1 – Farmer’s Market

There are so many fresh, local foods to choose from. Kind of food court style. But great foods and great options. I love 2 Greek Gals, Chilitos Taqueria, Ma Bonne Crepes, and Sandwiches. 

Bonus, you can get fresh veggies for the rest of the week. Grab a great Analog Coffee on your way out and whatever else you find throughout the vendors.

Hope this is helpful!

Love, Crystal

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