Top 7 Rated Air Fryers

Air Fryers - the new thing and I'm so happy I got one! They have been a game changer! I listed the Top 7 Rated Air Fryers here for you!

So I did some of the foot work for you and I’m bringing to you the Top 7 Rated Air Fryers. Just in time too keep a look out for boxing day sales! If you’re in the market, the research has been done for you! And if you’re on my email list, you know I just love Air Fryers and shared with you a couple weeks ago during our Meal Plan emails the best one. You can subscribe for emails at the bottom of this page!

Okay, so a nice thing about air fryers is that they don’t have to break bank. Not all of them are super expensive and not all of them will do everything. You kind of have to base it on what you need it for and how it’ll help you! For me I love the air fryer for things like Chicken Fingers, Falafels, Popcorn shrimp – the basic can’t fry it in oil stuff. But the additional stuff I love with mine is that I can cook chicken breasts, drumsticks, and whole rotisserie chickens! My husband can do nachos. It reheats foods. I can roast veggies. Chicken wings are crispy now, instead of soggy. So there was a tons of bonuses by getting the deluxe version of an air fryer. If you love to make beef jerky, deluxe versions often have a dehydrate option as well.

Air Fryer Options and Types

So as my email subscriber friends know, I have a Pampered Chef Deluxe Air Fryer with Reheat, Air Fry, Roast, Bake and Dehydrate options. It is my number one option, however, I am biased and it is the only one I’ve ever tried! Of the air fryers listed below the Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer is the only one that doesn’t have these options of a variation of these options.

So take a look and figure out which is best for you. If I didn’t have the Pampered Chef one, and had to choose a different option I would probably go with the Philips Digital Airfryer XXL. I listed them in order of ratings. Like which ones are bought more, and which ones have better ratings. The top ones happen to be the more expensive ones – better quality. The lower price ones however are still highly rated and would work just as well. Keep scrolling for the Top 7 Rated Air Fryers!

*if you’re interested in the Pampered Chef Version but don’t know how to get one, shoot me an email or message and I can get someone to help you!

Top 7 Rated Air Fryers

  1. Pampered Chef Deluxe Air Fryer
  • $300
  • Small, cooking is versatile, an All-in-One
  • 11.6-qt
  1. Philips Digital Airfryer XXL
  • It can hold 1.36 L – fits a whole chicken or 2 bags of frozen French fries
  • $349.99 – normally $399.99
  • Walmart has a better price – you can find the air fryer HERE. $299
  1. Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 4-qt. Air Fryer
  • $179.99
  • 5-in-1 4-qt.
  • Highly rated and recommended, but not my favorite option. (Just keeping it honest with you guys! <3)
  1. Instant Vortex Plus
  • 10QT 7-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven
  • $119.00
  1. Ninja Air Fryer
  • 4-Quart Air Fryer
  • $69.99
  • The best version for a small air fryer that still does everything you need at a good price!
  1. Breville Smart Oven Air
  • SUPER VERSATILE 11 cooking functions to guide you to perfection: Toast 6 slices, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Air Fry, Reheat, Cookies and Slow Cook for long cooking times, at low temperatures. Does a lot – but the machine itself is bulky. If you have lots of counter space, great! If not, not sure this is the one!
  • $ 435.62 – The most expensive option, but it does 11 different cooking functions. It’s even more expensive at Walmart
  1. Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer
  • $114.95
  • Only does air fryer stuff with adjustable temp and timer. You could play around with the temperature and get it to do different things then just crisp up your food!

There you have it, prices, quality and all the good things! Having a air fryer literally makes my life so much easier! It also helps add a little variation to the meals we have every week! I’ll link my post here for you to shop the images and any variable prices! I hope this helps out a lot and if you get one, I hope you love it as much as I love mine!

Love, Crystal

The Journey

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