What the Covid-19 Pandemic Taught Me

Anyone else feel like their day to day didn’t really change? Yet somehow choosing to stay home with your kids is different than being told you HAVE to stay home? Or now that you are home you’re expected to have lists and goals and you should be crushing them? That once all routines are out the window your house is in pure chaos. Covid-19 taught me and showed me a lot of new and old things. Like all a sudden you’re stepping on toys you didn’t even know your kids had. Have you also noticed that your dinner table is used more frequently? That instead of saying “not right now sweetheart, mommy has to finish this”, you have the time to just stop what you’re doing and go with them. That playing outside is actually enjoyable for all of you, not just the kids.

I have a toddler, so the days aren’t filled with homeschooling, or trying to homeschool. But we’ve been struggling with routines, nap times, tantrums and the fun of being two. Our days are full of trying to find things to do that aren’t watching Paw Patrol, although some days are just that and Disney+ movies! Basically, we’re going with the flow of things and honestly it’s been something else. I hope as Malachi gets older and tells his children of this time that it’s filled with joy. Stories of dad being home all day to play and of random sprinkler days and spending time with the people he loves. That the fear and uncertainty that we know right now, isn’t what he knows or remembers. 

Covid-19 taught me that it’s okay if you haven’t mastered sourdough bread or read the long list of books you’ve had for a while. It’s okay that the laundry still piles up, and you haven’t renovated anything. It’s okay to sit on the couch after the kids are in bed and realize that basically all you did today was survive. That some days you didn’t do school or come up with some fancy activities to do with the kids. It’s okay that more than enough Paw Patrol was watched.

It’s important to remember it won’t always be like this and maybe when everything goes back to “normal”, things won’t go back to how they were. I’ve seen and read a few posts and different articles of how hard Covid-19 has been. It’s been something else for sure but what Covid-19 taught me, I hope to keep for the new “normal”. Hopefully, some things we learned during this time will stick with us and will stick with our kids. 

Here are a few things I hope to keep even after we go back to “normal”:
Be Still

Just being, not rushing, not planning the next big event, activity or thing. Just being still in our day, going with the flow. Deciding activities based on what we are feeling instead of forcing things. Also being still in my devotional time with God. Not as a task to cross off the day’s list but as a privilege. Something to take my time with. 

Be Intentional

What does it mean to be intentional? It means you live in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling to you. It means you make thoughtful choices. Being intentional means you actively interact and engage with your life. You aren’t just going through the motions. That you are there, present and enjoying them. Probably as much as your kids are. Building forts brings you right back into your childhood, anyone else? My son loves forts. We spend days with blankets draped across tables and chairs. Don’t just do it, actively do it with them. You won’t regret it. 

My husband and I sat down at the beginning of the year and picked a word that would be the focus for the year. A word that would benefit our relationship, our spiritual relationship, and our family. PRIORITIES was our word. And man have we had the chance to focus on our priorities! In this season, despite the crazy, scary, and uncertainty of it, it’s been an amazing reset. We hope to carry it through to our next season, whatever that may be.

I hope you and your family are finding peace among the crazy in this season. I know it can take a toll on our mental health and there is never a time where you should be worried about reaching out. I’m here for you mama. I’m no professional or anything but if you just need to chat, shoot me a message!

xoxo Crystal

The Journey

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