Back to School 2022

Round up of all our favorite back to school favorite things, even though we are homeschooling and could probably get away with doing it in our pjs :P

It’s that time of year. Little man is in Pre-k. Woohoo! And back to school favorites. Like shoes, and that first day outfit and new backpacks!

We are homeschooling so back to school looks a little different here. There aren’t goodbye tears from mom, no packed lunches or backpacks, no back to school outfits. Basically the school shopping and school supplies – all my favorite things, we don’t do. For us it looks more like a stricter routine, quieter days at home. Reading and crafts, a little frustration here and there.

I love every minute of it! I’ll take you along this year as we do different units and go through our Preschool/Pre-k curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful. We started with an Oceans Unit. I’ve incorporated math, science and social studies into ocean themes. Because Mal is only 4, we’ve mostly been reading lots of ocean books along with our workbook. But I’ll share more of that as we go. I also have some newsletter bonus stuff about the ocean unit coming too! We also have a Christmas curriculum lined up too from the Peaceful Press that I am super excited about starting.

For now because I love all those back to school things, like new backpacks and new shoes; I found a few back to school favorites for a quick roundup. This post was also supposed to go out like 4 weeks ago.. but you know, mom life, school and all the things. You can shop it over at

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