Easter Basket Gift Guide for Toddlers

Easter baskets can be kind of overwhelming to fill! Shop our Easter Basket Gift Guide for Toddlers and some of our favorites!

Finding and building up Mal’s Easter Basket is one of my favorite traditions. I love when it all comes together and he sees everything in there after his little Easter egg hunt! It’s just so fun! You can read about our Easter Traditions HERE. And check out my Instagram for his reaction last year – it was so cute! Anyhow – finding stuff each year can be overwhelming! So I put together some of our favorites and some of the items we got for Mal’s this year! Our Easter Basket Gift Guide for toddlers if you will. You can shop the links below, or even just check them out. Or you can head over to Liketoknow.it and shop the image directly there.

Easter Basket Items

The basket – obviously. This one I always have a hard time with because I buy one, but then I find a super cute one, or something I like better. I got his from Walmart. But the ones at Indigo are super cute!

Books – Easter Themed

Stuffed Animal – the biggest and most common option is a cuddle and kind doll. I love these one, Mal has Wyatt the fox – he got him for his second birthday. There is stuffed animals everywhere – do what is best for you guys! Jellycat bunnies from Indigo is super cute too!

Chocolate – of course!! We love mini eggs. I’ll buy a big bag and use it for his Easter egg hunt as well!

Toys – I love to go small shop for gift baskets, because he gets the big crazy themed toys for his birthday which is the month after. This year we went with just a few cheaper toys, like a car, some play animals and a dinosaur puzzle.

Easter Craft to do that day. And stickers. This helps keep him busy until dinner is ready. Plus you can’t go wrong with craft stuff!

Easter Egg Kit – I bought a dye kit for his Easter eggs this year. It’ll be the first year we do it, so I’m not sure how it’s going to go!

And Clothes – he got a good selection of Carter’s spring clothes – you can shop those HERE. (I have everything linked on liketoknow.it) And some pjs. The ones I got him went fast. I love these ones too! So this is always perfect because it covers his spring upsize clothing as a gift! Win win! And to add to that I got him some cute pants from @prairiemountainco. Again I love to add a little small shop item as gifts for him.

I didn’t get him a stuffed animal this year. This is Wyatt from his last birthday!

I also did a lot of “research” on pinterest. I have a board there you can check out for other ideas too!! If you find one – share it with others (I appreciate it, and others will too!!)

You still got time to shop if you haven’t yet – don’t fret. I’m a last minute mama, “oh crap” tomorrow is Easter kind of mama. I got a jump start this year in hopes of helping you out!

And if you don’t do baskets, or forgot, or just can’t do it this year. Don’t worry mama, you are a rockstar and no matter what you do for Easter it will be amazing!

Happy Easter!

Love Crystal

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