Fall Family Photos + Outfit Inspo

We finally got some fall family photos, I am in love. You can shop our photo outfits in this post. Figuring out outfits is the hardest part.

Guys, I can’t even with these fall family photos we got done. Kiera over at Happily Ever Elton Photography had gifted us this shoot after we lost Ezra and it literally could not have been more perfect. He was there with us the whole time. If you look closely at some of these photos you’ll see a tiny orb of light. Either in between the boys or my husband and I. Just so perfect.

And on top of that, well she’s amazing. Her photos and editing are absolutely gorgeous. She picked the perfect spot and was so patient with us – Mal wasn’t having it at first, but you can’t even tell that.

Anyways, here they are.

Once Mal got comfortable and Jess worked his dad magic, it went really well!

I’m just so in love with them.

I struggled with our outfits for weeks – and what I had picked out originally all the way up to that morning is not what we ended up wearing. haha

The boys <3

It was beautiful and I am so grateful for them. You can shop our photo outfits HERE. My cardi is from Marshall’s so I couldn’t find the exact one, but I found a few similar dupes. Same for Mal’s shirt – it is from Zara’s a few seasons ago, but I found some cute pull over sweaters in similar fall colors for ya!


You can find Kiera HERE. She is amazing, you won’t be disappointed.

Love Crystal

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