High Risk Pregnancy, Loss and Our Miracles

High-Risk Pregnancy, Loss and Our Miracles. Our pregnancies have been the biggest miracles in our life. Each their own.

As you may know we have had quite the journey with all our pregnancies. All 3 of them. High Risk Pregnancy, Loss and Our Miracles. Each their own. I’ll start in the middle of the story, but it’ll come all away around!

4 weeks ago we found out there was a possible complication with my blood work that could be troublesome for the baby. We didn’t know much, and I wasn’t ready to share about it or what it could mean for our sweet boy.

The wait from finding out and seeing the Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor and learning more about what was happening was the longest 3 weeks of my life. Last Friday we finally got some answers.

The time in between really brought a whole new meaning of God being with us in our highs and lows and praising him in both, especially the lows! He goodness and faithfulness! And we’ve seen it so much in all our pregnancies with the boys! God truly is a miracle worker and promise keeper!

Our Miracles

Our first miracle – Mal, our sweet toddler! At 20 weeks we found out I had a short cervix and he could be premature. We made it to 33 weeks and then discovered I was 5 cm dialed and he could be coming. But by a miracle we made it to 38 weeks before he made his appearance and only a short NICU stay! Perfect and healthy! You can read his birth story HERE.

Our second miracle – our sweet angel Ezra Simon, and while his miracle wasn’t in his birth or life. We get to see it everyday, in our marriage, in our relationship with God, in the life of this little baby on the way, in knowing our boys have an angel always. And in the way my short 16 week journey with Ezra changed me completely as a mother and gave me the strength to share his story and his life with all of you! His full story is HERE.

And our third miracle in progress for sure! Okay, so my blood transfusion after Mal was born introduced these antibodies in my blood that could cause anemia and health complication for baby is basically what we learned. That was it for 3 weeks! Hydrops was thrown around and serious health and fatal words were used. I couldn’t function. We made it to 23 weeks with my IC and we were going through a high risk pregnancy in the middle of a pandemic. I couldn’t take anymore!

We prayed and prayed for a miracle, a mistake or a bad blood test. Yesterday we learned that, while it wasn’t a mistake or going to be fixed. It was below critical concentrations. He was perfect and healthy and we just have another thing to keep an eye on. And pray, always. Because God is the God of miracles, my boys will always be a testimony to the love and power of our God!

And we ask that you all continue to pray for our babe too! That numbers stay low and he stays healthy!

High Risk Pregnancies and the mama’s that know all too well how hard they are.

I’ve met some great mom’s in this short 3 week journey already who are praying for their miracles too! There high risk pregnancies, their babies with health problems and low survival rates. So I ask you pray for them as well! There is nothing that can make you feel so helpless or powerless like your sweet babe growing inside of you in trouble and there is no way to help them.

We are building our foundation and trust on God’s Word. He is always good and the best giver of gifts. We trust His plan fully for our sweet baby. We are blessed. I see you mama, and I’m praying, thinking and sending good thoughts for your miracle too! ❤️ Just know that whatever you’re needing today I hope you know there’s a Father in Heaven who sees you, loves you and wants good things for you too!

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The Journey

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