J’s Birth Story

The story of how our rainbow baby came into this world. J's birth story was a joy to write and I just love reliving this day! Enjoy!

Well where to start. Cerclage removal? 3rd time in the assessment bay in labor and delivery? Save on foods? – that’s a funny story. J’s birth story is one of my favorite things in all it’s crazy, unpredictable and beautiful ways!

J’s Birth Story

Okay well I’ll start at 36 weeks and 2 day – where I spent 3 hours in the hospital. I got my stitch removed – that was not fun. J’s head was putting so much pressure on my cervix she didn’t think it would come out. It hurt. Alot. But it came out and I was instantly 3 cm dilated. She had me stay for an hour to make sure I didn’t go into labor right away. Some cramping, but nothing insane. As this went on for the next 2 weeks – contractions, cramping and waddling.

Fast forward to 37 weeks. My prenatal appointment. She didn’t want to check how dilated I was – as not to disrupt anything. Keep that babe cooking and all. So another week. At this point I was so uncomfortable and just wanted to be holding him. But also knowing that each day he was in there was a blessing because of my history.

38 weeks. My last prenatal. His birthday! She checked my cervix and I was 5cm so she did a sweep. We booked another prenatal appointment and planned to talk about induction because of my antibody thing. She didn’t want him going to 40 weeks gestation. Plus she didn’t really think I’d make it another few days at this point either. Anyways, smarty pants over here thought hey, let’s go get groceries right after. In the pouring rain. Good times. I cramped and contracted my way through the store, got back to the car, emptied the cart and realized the cart parking was like 3 rows across from where I parked. So, I’m that person that is just so irritated when people don’t put their carts back. I was really contracting now, and there was so much pressure I didn’t think I’d make it home at this point. But I walked it, in the rain across the parking lot into their parking area. In hindsight, I would have left it but whatever.

So on the drive home I figured this might actually be it. I called my mom – who lives an hour away, so she could start packing up and driving down. My brother would have Mal until she got here. I got home, and started to bounce on my birthing ball – it was the only relief I’d had since I left my appointment – about 2 hours ago at this point. My husband was packing up the last minute items. Mal had started to freak out about me leaving and was crying. I didn’t want to go to the hospital because I really couldn’t be sent back home again. It had been 2 weeks of contractions and I just wasn’t convinced this was it.

Hospital Time

But we went anyway, it was hard for me to walk and sit and pretty much do anything. We got there – signed in and my contractions stopped. They hooked me up and monitored us for about 20 mins and they were getting ready to send me home. I was upset – I knew that this was going to happen and it just felt like such a waste of time. As I was getting my stuff together a different nurse came in and started taking down my information and intake stuff for delivery. I was confused. Then the doctor came in and asked if I was ready to have a baby. Now I was lost. Apparently the nurse was on a shift change and got confused with my case and whatever. But short story – because of my labor history and incompetent cervix complications, the 6 cm I was now at was enough to admit me and see how things progress before talking about breaking my water.

We got admitted – Jesse went to the car to get our stuff and I called my best friend, texted everyone who wanted to know.

This time around I had the chance to really settle in before the contractions and everything started. It wasn’t a mad rush to get all our stuff and get in the room. Jesse always jokes about how with Mal he only had a bite of his sandwich before things went from 0 to 100.


Anyways, nothing really progressed for about 2 hours after – at this point it was 2:30pm, my prenatal appointment was at 9am. It had been a long day. So between the few contractions I was able to have a nap, use my oils, talk over my birth plan with the nurse and just tried to relax. I was nervous if breaking my water didn’t work because I didn’t want any medicated inductions or medication. I really hate IVs.

The doctor came in and broke my water around 3:30 pm- ish. Things escalated quickly after that. I was immediately in the very active stage of labor. I labored in the shower – water, if you haven’t used it before in labor keep it in mind if there’s a next time. And I even had the birthing ball in there. As things transitioned I had lost a lot of strength in my legs because there was a lot of pressure in my hips and I was so tired. I labored in bed for the last few cm with a lot of counter pressure on my hips. Little man thought it would be a great time to stretch and lodged his foot in my ribs and didn’t budge. It made it so hard to breathe or bend or do anything really. My husband just kept reminding me that I could do this. That I could do hard things. That I was one less contraction away from holding him. So despite feeling utterly and completely exhausted and unable to do this, I pushed through. I honestly could not have done this without my husband. The nurse said that he was one of the best labor coaches she’s seen. He’s easily grossed out so with Mal’s birth I definitely thought he would faint or something – but he was a rock – my rock! Both times!

And about 3 hours and 15 mins later, and one or two pushes, I was holding my sweet rainbow baby – Judah Marc, born at 6:54pm June 9th. He came fast and furious once things were going, without breaking my water – I’m convinced he would have stayed in there forever.

He was finally here!

I got him immediately and just fell in love way more than I had already been. His hair, his little cry, his sweet nose. We asked for our hour alone – the nurse came in to check every once in a while. He fed pretty quickly and kept feeding for about 30 mins – he really hasn’t slowed down in that sense. Haha

This time after was so different and I’m so grateful for each experience, but this one was total bliss. Even once things got documented and we were transferred to maternity, we had most of the time alone. We ordered take out, we called and messaged family and friends. It was just the 3 of us. He was a great sleeper from the start. So that first night was absolutely perfect and when we woke up in the morning – I was so ready to go home and see Mal and introduce them to each other.

And there you have it. Jude’s birth story – one I will always cherish, even if it’s not so elegantly written or didn’t go exactly how I thought it would. Perfect in the fact it was all in God’s hand and the beginning of Jude’s world changing journey! So blessed to have been chosen to be his mama.

You can read up on Ezra, our loss journey and my pregnancy journey to get the whole picture of these past 2 years! <3

And you can catch our little video of bringing J home HERE.

Love Crystal

The Journey

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