Malachi’s 3 Months Old

My little baby is 3 months old! I can't believe it. He's changed so much in 3 months. I wrote down as much as I could in Malachi's 3 month update.

My baby is 3 months old. Some days I can’t even believe. I look at him sleeping or laughing with his dad and I just can’t believe he is growing this fast. Waiting for him to get here felt like forever, the first couple weeks felt like a long time too (I think sleep deprivation will do that to you). Now it feels like only yesterday I was holding him for the first time. He changes so quickly, it’s like overnight he learns something new. Bath times were suddenly fun, all of a sudden he was pulling himself up slightly when he went into his car seat. Things change so quickly. I was looking at his eyes today, and I realized I never noticed when the fully changed color. They were grey and were slowly going away at first but never really noticed when they became those beautiful brown eyes he has now. 

3 Months worth of Milestones

The first 3 months have been hard for me. I’ve still been struggling with some postpartum stuff, and it has made it hard to be fully present and to just enjoy him at this age. To be constantly available for him to nurse and to get down on the ground to do tummy time has been hard. Towards the last few weeks, before he was officially 3 months old, things started to get better and I really started to enjoy that time but I noticed I kind of missed a little.

He’s sleeping 8-10 hours a night, with great morning nap times, evening naps – not so much. He is a very social baby, loves to be around other people and doesn’t sleep if others are around. Always has to be a part of the party. He isn’t the biggest fan of tummy time, he enjoys standing up – which I think he is still too little for that. He has just started to pull his head up and likes to sit up. If he has to choose between lying down on his back or tummy, and standing, there’s no competition – he wants to be up and looking around. He has gotten better with his coordination – most toys are making it into his mouth now. And I’m pretty sure most of my hair loss postpartum has been him pulling it out. His hair has started to grow on the top, and it’s getting a little crazy. He has started to mimic some sounds – he said “Hi” to me the other day. He didn’t really say it, just the sound was similar (we made a big deal about it though – obviously). His swing has animals sounds on it, and he loves to mimic those. We started reading to him and the colors and pictures in the book always bring out so much excitement in him – it’s beautiful to watch. Oh and the conversations he has. Listening to him babble brings me so much joy. Like I’ve said before, I literally cannot get enough of my adorable growing boy.

Over the last couple months, we’ve had a few adventures. He’s been camping, stayed in a hotel and spent the day in Calgary. He spends lots of time with his grandparents and aunties and uncles. Having all our family close by has been a blessing. We are able to get away on date nights quite often and enjoy a little more rest. He spends time in the nursery at church on Sundays – we have amazing volunteers to watch over him in kids church. We’ve got some more fun adventures planned for the next couple months.

Some days are harder than others for us. He is starting teething, which means more crying, and lots of drooling. He has been fussy (thank goodness for my Gentle Baby roller) and hard to console some days. Overall he is one happy little guy! God has truly blessed us with our little boy.

Watching you grow my little angel, while sometimes sad – because you’ll never be this little again, is truly the greatest joy. I look forward to seeing what the next 3 months have in store for us!

The Journey

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