Mal’s 4th Birthday: Hockey

hockey fourth birthday theme, decor, themed snacks and all the things for the perfect fourth birthday party!

Well his themed hockey fourth birthday came and went. It was a blast. People were able to come over – the first birthday party that wasn’t just family. He was so excited and I just loved it. It’s why I do it.

It’s why I go crazy with the decor or the balloons. Why his grandparents buy him so many presents. Because of the pure joy on his face. And yes, that joy would be there with the smallest things. A cupcake can light up his whole face. And I want anyone reading this to know that whatever you do or decide to do for birthday parties is what is best for your family. It doesn’t have to be extravagant – it can be if you want – but it just has to be meaningful. To all of you. Something they’ll remember and something you’ll remember.

On that note I always have a budget for these – my husband isn’t a party planner type and doesn’t ‘get it’. So we come up with a budget together. This year instead of a big fancy birthday present – we got the party.


I did some looking around prior on Amazon and Walmart and found a few things but I didn’t end up getting it. We just decided to find and make something smaller. Black, White, Blue were our main colors. With hockey stuff throughout.

I found a way to make this tissue paper garland streamer type banner. You can find it HERE.

It was perfect. I could make what I needed for where and not spend $15+ on garland or anything. The balloon arch was made up of a few packs of balloons when I figured out my colors. I put the arch together (and by I, I mean Jesse) with a fishing line. There are tons of tutorials on pinterest to help with balloon arches.

The banner I got from Party City (canadian based). I’ll link the whole decor set that is on amazon HERE. It has basically everything I would have used normally. I added a mini stick (we have tons of those lying around) to the table decor. Jesse tied Mal’s balloon to the hockey net. These little touches were perfect to tie it all together.

Cups and plants and table clothes are all found at walmart or superstore. I’ll link them below too.


I don’t do meals – I do snacks. Because well lets face it, it’s Mal’s favorite. Fruits, Veggies, Sweet Treats, Meat and cracker with cheese. The usuals, and then some other stuff. And then I just mess around with the name cards!

And of course – cake or cupcakes!

Party Time

I am not one for games. I never have been and I am not great at planning them. We didn’t do any for Mal, but he didn’t mind. He played with the other kids and ate periodically. Pretty much did and requested whatever he wanted. Just how he likes it.


The kid cashed in. Tons of new toys for him to play with and he loved each one. So much so he gave each toy a hug. I love how grateful and appreciative his heart is.

I’ll link his favorites below if you’re in the market for a toddler boy birthday gift ideas!


Here are a few more shots from the day. It was a blast and he’s already counting down the days until his next birthday.

You can read about his birthdays (always on a budget) on the blog too!

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

I never got around to posting about his 3rd Dino Party – I really should though. I made those decorations myself and everything 😛

Thanks for reading <3Love Crystal

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