Our Schoolhouse: “C” is for Construction

Going through the alphabet with sensory bins! Tons of ideas for each letter of the alphabet. Here's activities, sensory bin and book ideas for 'C' is for Construction

As you may know, I started this whole sensory bin through the alphabet with Mal when he started school. Here we are 2 years later and we haven’t passed C. But we’re trying again. We really focused on the alphabet as the preschool curriculum which we got from The Good and The Beautiful and I hope to use it for J as well. When we started, to make it a little extra fun, I did a whole week of apple-focused activities. Starting with the ‘A’ is for apple sensory bin. It was a blast! You can find them HERE. We did a bug one for “B”, but I didn’t get organized enough to have a post about it. I like to use it as our fine arts/science curriculum. Picking these units lets the boys find things that interest them and we dig into it a little. Some are more fine art – like this one, and some are more science like our spring unit coming up with a garden part – soil and learning how plants grow, the water cycle and rainbows, and the science behind that.

Construction Activities:

We didn’t do much for extra activities. There were a few videos I found to watch, like this one. We did colouring sheets and activity sheets while reading construction books.

We did a shapes-focused craft putting together a backhoe. You can find it HERE. It was geared towards my youngest who is learning his shapes, but my oldest loved it too!

Construction Books:

We loved the Construction Site books – there are so many of them. J loved the number one – which is great for the counting practice we’ve been doing! You can shop them HERE, but check out your library we got most there!

‘C’ is for Construction Sensory Bin:

Boys being boys – this one is always a favourite. Big trucks, rocks, and sand.


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