Our Schoolhouse: Oceans Unit

We started pre-k off with a bang and jumped into everything ocean. Counting jellyfish, making crab waffles, reading all the cool ocean facts. I compiled it all here for you!

We started off our school year with a massive ocean unit. I included all the aspects of each ‘subject’ and just made it ocean themed. So like math was counting jellyfish or crabs or octopus legs. Science is basically anything learning about ocean things. For social we focused on our impact on the ocean as humans and we also touched on the 5 main oceans. He learned a few, I didn’t have these grand expectations – just going over it and seeing what he enjoyed what he didn’t and what stuck with him.

Also to note – he’s 4.5, this is made for preschoolers and younger in mind. But it can be applied to older kids – just adjust to their age and stage.

I’m going to share with you our book list, song list, activities and other materials we did and used. For email subscribers check out October’s newsletter for the FREE poem printable along with a whole schedule of a month full of ocean unit type school stuff.

stack of ocean books


The best thing with activity is that it’s fun, educational and versatile. We worked with what we had and I incorporated our phonics learning and letters we were focused on and fine motor writing practice, as well as counting.

Some basic supplies we used were pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, paint, googly eyes and paper towel rolls.

compilation of ocean activities

Some activities we did:

  • Learning the Oceans – gives them a starting concept of the world map. No pressure they don’t need to know it, especially if you’re using it for preschoolers.
  • Jello Rescue – a fun edible activity for all of those jello eating age. My one year old loved it!

You can find more fun activities on our FREE activity calender if you sign up for our email list. You can also check out my pinterest board for some more fun ideas.

jello with sharks inside of it


There was all kinds of snack ideas, my favorite were the easy ones with frozen waffles. The crab with some necatrines or peaches and apples with raspberries was perfect. We also did the jellyfish quesadillas for dinner one night. Some other snack ideas can be found here.

jelly fish looking cooked quesdilla


We did so much reading. That was the basis of the whole unit really. Check out my favorite ocean books HERE. You can shop them for yourself HERE, or at the bottom of this page but the library also will probably carry most of them.

Reading aloud is one of the best ways for kids to learn at this point. Books are so important for their education and imagination. Reading aloud is a game changer.

shop it post of ocean books


We listened and sang along to a few songs here and there. Some we really liked you can find HERE.

A few other favorites were Baby Beluga and Hole in the middle of the Sea.

Poems are also such a great and fun way to learn. I created a few fun prints of our favorites to print and hang up. You can access those resources by signing up below.

Well that’s about it. Ocean themed everything! And even though we did a month. There’s still so much you can do with it.

ocean photo with ocean blog post title

You can check out my Instagram for more of our day to day with schooling. I have plenty of highlights with activities, books and more. Our ocean highlight has some of our time with this unit!

Hope you loved it and that you’ll enjoy this if you give it a go.

All my love,


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