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Our Schoolhouse: Room Tour

Here is our school room tour. With all our favorite supplies, materials and games along with what makes this space work.

Just throwing this quick post together to share our homeschool room must haves and set up. You can watch the tour HERE.


Our bookshelf, desk and chair and supply cart are the bigger parts. Then it’s filled with all the things – a school supply haven!

We got the book shelf and desk and chair from IKEA. I found some similar from different sites you can check out HERE.


We’ve got the basics.

Paint, brushes and paper – water color, tempera is our most basics.

Pencils, pens, crayons, markers and pencil crayons. Then we’ve got cardstock and construction paper.

Scissors, glue, glitter, pipe cleaners, cotton balls – all your craft stuff.

We’ve got a whole bin on sensory items – i’ll make a separate video for that, there’s tons we’ve collected over the years.

I’ve found some of our favorites to use and linked them HERE for you. US links can be found HERE.

Learning Resources:

We’ve got flashcards, math bloks, puzzles, manipulative and visuals. I’ve learnt that Mal is a very visual and tactile learner and these have been huge in helping us through rougher moments or something he’s struggling with and getting frustrated. If we switch what we were doing and how we were doing it. He can get it and feel more confident while he’s doing it.

The ones I could find again are linked HERE. Most I’ve gotten from Costco or the boys got as gifts.


I love the Usborne books for more of the educational books. HERE’s a few of our favorites.

We also are loving the Magic Treehouse Series. The classics are from my bookshelf as a kid and were saving those for when they are a bit older.

Younger Kid Activities:

We’ve got a not school age kid joining in on the fun and we’ve got stuff for him to do too. I mostly have a sensory bin set up for him. But we’ve got coloring books, mess free painting and coloring options too which helps keep my attention on school and not on the potential mess happening.

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t always organized or in this room some days it’s on the couch, floor or kitchen table. You can do what works for you. And all the power to you mama, it’s no easy job that is for sure! You are rockin’ it!

Love, Crystal

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