Potty Training: Top 3 Tips (Round 2)

Potty Training tips I learned going into it for the second time.

 1. Grace and expectations- give yourself and them all the grace and manage your expectations. I went in with this whole idea the first time that it’ll click right away and be great. It didn’t and was not. This time, I went in knowing he’ll figure it out when he does and it’ll be fine!

2. Training potty and books are a must! Somewhere where they can easily get to and do it on their own. And books for the first few times to keep them sitting there! I don’t know about your kiddos – but sitting quietly is not really their type of thing. Training to go pee is easy – cause it’s quick. Getting them to sit there and finish their business – not so much. So books to keep them busy while sitting there is big!

3. Patience – if you’re pushing and they’re pushing back it’s just going to end miserably for everyone. For us with our first – it was tears on both sides.

We didn’t do a book, course or a certain training method but we figured it out. Jude trained a lot easier and earlier than Mal did. But he had a tiny regression whereas Mal didn’t. They both night trained themselves which was nice. But all this to say – every kid is different

Things we used:

You can check out the full roundup HERE. You can read the first round of potty training HERE.

Best of luck if you’re entering this phase, and congrats if you’re through it! You got this mama!



The Journey

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