Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum Oils

Since writing this post my knowledge and understanding of Essential Oils during pregnancy have changed.

I have recently written a NEW Pregnancy Guide – including my favorite oils and recipes for the first trimester. You can read it HERE. You can access the rest all through labor and postpartum there as well.

Pregnancy and Labor

These products made a huge difference in my pregnancy and labor experience. You can find the full recipes here with my story about using them.

Pregnant Mama Sleepy Blend (Diffuser)

2 drops lavender + 2 drops Gentle Baby

Labor Massage Oil

3 drops of vitamin E oil + 2 drops Clary sage + 2 drops Lavender + 2 drops Rose + 2 drops Ylang Ylang + 2 drops Rosemary + 2 drops Frankincense Fill the rest with fractionated carrier oil (i used coconut oil, can also use sunflower oil)

Rub where you’d like – my lower back was the best for me

Bump Roller

10 ml roller bottled filled with 5 drops Gentle Baby + 5 drops Lavender + 5 drops Frankincense fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil

Apply to baby bump


Thick overnight pads + 2 drops Lavender + squirt of Aloe vera and Witch hazel

put a few drops of lavender on the middle of the pad with the aloe vera and witch hazel, refold and freeze

Healing Spray 

in a 6 oz spray bottle add 1 tsp coconut oil + 5 drops Tea Tree + 7 drops Lavender + 5 drops Helichrysum + 5 drops Roman Chamomile + 3 drops Frankincense + 1 oz witch hazel and fill the rest with distilled water

Spray on pads

Nausea Roller

5-7 drops Peppermint + [ginger also helps (didn’t add this to mine)] fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. I placed it on the inside of my wrists


I used these oils after giving birth to help with my hormones and postpartum complications. You can read about them here.

After Birth Worry (Diffuser/Roller)

StressAway* and Lavender

Diffuse or apply to wrists and spine

Postpartum Hormones (Diffuse/Roller)

Joy, Gentle Baby, Bergamot, Orange, Valor

Diffuse or apply

Boosting Milk Supply Roller

5 Fennel + 5 Basil

10 ml roller bottle + fractionated almond oil

Rub on breast and nipple after nursing to boost supply for the next feeding *if they feed shortly after applying it, wipe off any excess, it can cause taste aversion if they don’t like it or the smell is too strong

Upset Tummy Roller (Adult)

15 drops Digize*

10 ml roller bottle + fractionated coconut oil

Rub on top of your belly button in circular motions

The Journey

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