Screen Time: Shows, Regulation, and Limitation

Screens, the do or don't of parenting. Teaching them about screen time, the shows they watch, regulation, and limitations are so important.

 I have to start this off by addressing all the things others say about screens and TV and the research. I get it. It’s not the greatest choice of things to expose your child too. “It can melt their brains.” It has bad stuff. I mean the list can go on and on. And yes there is bad stuff. And yes limitations and regulations are needed. But I think if we just avoid it. When our kids aren’t little anymore, they won’t know what to do with what they are exposed to when we aren’t around to limit or stop that exposure. Teaching them about screen time, the shows they watch, regulation, and limitations are so important. Does that make sense?

I love a good TV show. Something you get so into you lose track of time and watch way too much all at once. Movies are my absolute favorite thing, especially cheesy ones. Plus I work in social media, Mal’s dad works in website design. I blog. There isn’t much that isn’t done on a screen. Plus our house is basically almost run by google (I’ll leave that for another time.). My child is exposed to. All my children will be. So instead of stopping it or telling them, it’s bad. We are focusing on teaching them. Regulating them and making sure they understand too much is bad. Certain things are bad. And being responsible when it comes to screens is super important. It might not be the most popular choice, but it’s our choice and how we are raising our kids, so don’t come for me. Just read and have an open mind.

Right now, if he somehow has access to Netflix, he always asks if the show he picked is okay. So that’s a good start. He’s 2 and 1/2 so I’m not too concerned right now. The only thing we regulate is HOW MUCH he’s watching. He can watch one 30 minute episode in the morning in mom and dad’s bed. Then he’s off to play. On bad or sick days he gets more, because who doesn’t love watching TV when they are sick. He only watches a few choice shows that we have watched and know about. We have stopped having our shows playing while he’s around as he’s started picking up on things and in his copying phase. Not that we watch crazy shows, but any violence or stuff like that we don’t want him watching. I’ll share a few of his favorite shows below.

Favorite shows:

1. Paw patrol – because it’s puppies saving the world, what kid wouldn’t love that.
2. I love baby bum — the songs, the educational value — it’s a great choice, he loves to dance along with it. The same with Cocomelon – that one is a little more annoying. His Memere watches that one with him. 
3. DinoTrux is the new “fav” lately — he loves cars, trucks, and dinosaurs — so basically the perfect show. I haven’t seen all of it, so he mostly watches it with me so I can make sure it’s suitable.
4. Disney Movies — say what you will about the behind messages and such, but for kids who just watch it to watch it, It’s a great choice — plus I love them all so bonus. He loves the singing and dancing, so why not.

With apps – we don’t do much. But educational apps, kid-safe apps are all something we are looking into and learning more about. I’ve heard great things about toddler education apps, and even reading apps. As adults, we do a lot with different apps. So we are choosing to teach our children about them as well. And the proper way to use them. We have a few apps on our phones that he can play with, with supervision.


  1. ABC Mouse
  2. PBS Kids
  3. Painting Kids App (can’t remember the name. My mom downloaded it on her phone for him)

There is still so much about screens and stuff we as parents have to learn in order to teach our children to make the right decisions. But that’s why I think learning and exposing them at home with you is important. So when they aren’t with you, they can make those hard decisions on their own, and hopefully, they are the right ones. 
Each person is different, and what you do is totally up to you. But for those looking for something out there in regards to questions like screen time and such. I hope this helps. 

Love Crystal 

The Journey

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