Top 10 Summer Must Haves: Toddler Edition

Summer is tiring, hot and with a toddler, the days are long. It’s my favorite time of year. Being outside, playing in the water. All of it! It’s a lot of work, especially when you add in beach days or other daily adventures. But as long as you’ve got these top 10 summer must haves for toddlers everything will be a lot easier, better, and all the fun you’ll need for a great summer. (Obviously, I can’t promise these things but I hope it is for you!)

Our Top 10 Summer Must Haves for Toddlers.

1.Summer Shoes: A toe covered sandals (rough and tough) and an open sandal (nice/dressy).

2.Sunscreen: YoungLiving SPF 50 is our favorite sunscreen. Free from allergens, chemicals, and perfect for sensitive skin. You can read HERE some reasons why we love this sunscreen. 

3.Water Guns: Any day is made better with water guns. They were gifted to us from family, but I believe they are from Walmart. This one is similar.

4.Bubble Gun: Moms do yourself a favor and get one of these. You don’t have to sit there blowing bubbles for endless hours. It does it all with a press of a button. I can’t find the exact one, because it was also a gift for Mal. But HERE’s a similar one.

5.Kiddie Pool: Ours is super tiny and perfect for those little dips on hot days.

6.Water Table/Sand Table: With these, they are having a blast outside while not requiring so much participation from you.

7.Multiple Swimming suits/diapers: Cause laundry sucks.

8.Popsicle Maker: Hot days are awesome when you’ve got popsicles. We have a Pampered Chef Popsicle maker. Making Ningxia Pop over here like nobody’s business. Perfect because not only are they yummy but full of good things and not artificial sugar. You can also just buy molds, like THESE

9.Insulated Water Bottles: You don’t want a dehydrated baby. And that goes for you too mama. I just got Mal’s at Superstore. Paw Patrol for everything. THIS is a similar one.

10.Fun Indoor Activities like Sensory bins (ours is a farm animal themed one with green rice and “shovels.”). Books. Coloring. The usual Winter activities!

Just a reminder for us mamas, just enjoy it. The days are long and exhausting sometimes. However, you only have a certain number of summers with your kids, and they go fast. Ease up on the routine, get into the pool with them. Have a water fight! It’ll be worth it!

Love Crystal

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