Summer 2020 Adventures Part 1

Summer 2020! Loving this chill, quick trip weekends, no-hassle getaways that Covid-19 has forced us into. Stay tuned for the rest of our Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Adventures: Part 1

Pincher Creek and Area

Summer Adventures are like the best thing. Camping, family trips, new places, and no schedule or routine. It breaks up the boring and basic and just adds so much fun. With a toddler, it’s even better. Albeit more tiring but so much fun.

With Covid-19 and all our plans, traveling and other ideas were out of the question. So we’ve been sticking to family trips to Memere and Pepere’s house. It’s a new place, new things to do and more people to watch M. That even included Grandma and Grandpa’s house (which is 30 minutes away) but it’s still a whole new thing that is not our house. Win-win if you ask me! Camping – all sorts of new adventures there. We have some other family visiting trips in the works. So basically Summer 2020 Adventures consist of family. Which is alright with us. 

A couple of weeks ago we went to Pincher Creek. My home town. Where I spent most of my childhood. Wasn’t born there but might as well have been. J. had to work so Mal and I went to my parents, Memere and Pepere’s for 5 days. For those that don’t know, my parents are referred to as Memere and Pepere (because of my dad’s French Canadian heritage) and J. parents are referred to as Grandma and Grandpa. Anyways, we spent the week there. Nothing fancy, just a small getaway. J was busy at work, so it was nice to have help with Mal and be able to nap once a while. He hadn’t been sleeping well, you can read about that HERE.

Mal got to play way past bedtime. He got to sleep in the same bed as mom. He had water gun fights, dessert and we even went for a road trip on Saturday when J. was able to join us.
We headed out to Lundbreck Falls. It’s a gorgeous waterfall not far from Pincher and it’s a neat little drive and lookout. If you’re down this way be sure to check it out!

Image by @simonsays_photos

The beginning of our many quick, realistic during Covid-19, summer vacations! Stay tuned, I’ll share all the places we go to this summer! #summer2020adventures. Next up is back to Pincher and then maybe up to Edmonton. 

image by: @simonsays_photos

Love Crystal

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