Easter Basket Ideas

Take a look and shop our Easter basket ideas for toddler boys, and baby boys. Includes swimwear and local shopping and more

I love Easter. The whole weekend is my favorite. I am so excited as Mal gets older and he can really understand what Easter means. We’ve got some traditions we’ve been doing with him. One of my favorites – the Easter Basket. I’ve gotten most of theirs done so I’m sharing some of those Easter Basket Ideas below!

You can see last years HERE.

Fill it with Essentials

I love that the basket can be filled with fun stuff, but also stuff they can use and I would be buying anyways. It helps keep it budget friendly.

Easter Basket Ideas for the boys


4,6,7 – I got from Baby Laurel

  • Replay plates can also be found on Amazon

I usually add a super cute Sunday Easter outfit, swim suits, shoes if they need and other clothing items they might need. For my local Lethbridge mamas, and other Canadian mamas, Baby Laurel is a favorite for this type of stuff. Toys, dolls and clothing too.

Baby Boy Basket Ideas

Toddler Boy Basket Ideas

I hope these help give you some ideas! What’s your favorite gift to add to the basket?

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