Easter Baskets 2024

Easter Basket ideas for boys and girls ages baby to child! It works for everyone!

I love Easter! Big family dinner, celebrating the power and glory of God, what Jesus did for us sinners! Just a faith and hope-filled weekend. For the boys – teaching them about the meaning of easter, and the treats of course! You can check out our Easter traditions HERE. I make them easter baskets each year and it’s so fun for me! I love filling it with things they love, but also things they need for the changing season. Which also means – spring is coming!

This year I kept their baskets fairly small. Some new markers and some cool easter pencils and erasers. They needed some quick backyard sandals, which I found at Walmart. I always get them a spring book and a little outfit for spring/summer – which is more for me than them. They usually need shorts and stuff for the summer so it’s a start to things I’d buy for them normally. Sometimes that means a swimsuit or something too. And of course some Easter chocolate!

You can shop their baskets HERE. Below I’ll add some other ideas for baskets.

Other Ideas

I love Little and Lively – you can use my code and get 15% off. (just click the link)

I’ve gotten Cuddle and Kind dolls for the boys in the past. They have Quinn the Koala and Wyatt the Fox. The company feeds 10 kids with each doll purchase so I love that there is an initiative behind it. Not just another stuffy.

Busy Puzzles are great for those “special” gifts. The name plates or busy boards are great for toddlers!

Bathing suits are great too – I love Carters swimsuits for reasonably priced ones. Currently tyed, Rylee and Cru and Mebie have pricier but super cute suits too! Canadians can shop Baby Laurel for those suits, or another local boutique that might carry them. Directly from them works too if you’re in the States obviously.

PJs are always a great thing to add. I find a cute easter pattern from Carters or Old Navy. They usually go on sale close to easter so I wait!

Rubber Boots are fun to add too! For babies, I love adding blankets, and for babies that are just starting to eat solids, adding things like plates, bibs, and utensils.

Really if you want to do a basket, make it useful. Things they need that you’ll buy anyway. With a few fun things in there. They’ll love it. If you can’t or don’t want to then don’t. It’s one of those decisions you can make as a mama and it will always be the right one! You’re rocking it mama!

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