Pregnancy Guide Part 2: Tips, Tricks, Oils, and Must Haves for the Second Trimester

Pregnancy Guide: Tips, Tricks, Oils and Must Haves for the First Trimester. All the pregnancy need to know to survive the first trimester!

This post has all the pregnancy things. TIPS, TRICKS, ESSENTIAL OILS, and all the must haves. Plus I talk high risk pregnancy info and incompetent cervix stuff too. So this Pregnancy Guide has everything and I hope it blesses you in any way you need!

General Feelings, Cravings and Symptoms

The second trimester. The best trimester. All the energy, all the growing bump pictures. None of the exhaustion or pain yet. It’s my favorite! The baby kicks and movements. Still sleeping well. Definitely the best trimester. So here it is, my Pregnancy Guide: Tips Tricks Oils and Must Haves for the Second Trimester

First Trimester

Overall this trimester is my favorite. I started doing a little more, because I had more energy. Mal started to realize that mommy’s belly was growing so all that talk about a baby being in my belly might actually be true! All the little kicks picked up around 14 weeks – very internal, only I could feel it. Around 23 weeks he got crazy and my husband could notice him kicking and flipping and dancing away! It really helped ease my anxiety when he was moving. But I noticed I became more stressed and anxious when he wasn’t moving. Nothing symptom wise really. Heartburn started early this time around, which sucked. All in all it was a good trimester.

Tips and Tricks
  1. Do the most baby prep stuff while you’re feeling your best. Get the nursery painted or decorated. If you’re doing any DIY stuff, get that done! Baby registry and budgets are a good idea too!
  2. Take a trip/babymoon while you’re still feeling great
  3. Keep up with your water, supplements and nutritious eating.
  4. Start moisturizing that baby bump as it grows to help your skin with the itchy and stretch marks
  5. Buy those maternity clothes and a good maternity bra!
  6. This last tip is more if you’re an oily mama, but prep your oils. Make your oil plan. Research, which oils for what. Labor Oils. All the things! Be prepared before you’re too tired to even try! You won’t regret it.
High Risk + Incompetent Cervix (IC)

My anxiety was still pretty high during the beginning of my second trimester. Viability isn’t until after 24 weeks. And even then I still was so worried something would happen. I didn’t want to spend months in the NICU if something did happen. The thought of being away from Mal that long and with everything going on with Covid I just didn’t want anything to happen. So I was still quite anxious, that didn’t really go away until the 3rd trimester. I’m 33 weeks as I write this, and I still have quite a bit of anxiety, but it’s definitely a lighter feeling. Essential oils and prayer – got me through! 

Around my 25 week appointment we also found out my blood had an odd antibody in it which could affect the baby. You can read more about that HERE. My pregnancy basically became even more high risk. I needed bi-weekly blood tests to keep track of the antibodies. My cervix wasn’t an issue at all during the second trimester. You can read more about my Incompetent Cervix stuff in the First Trimester Guide HERE. 

I didn’t share much about the surgery part, but if you have any questions please email or comment below and I’d be happy to answer any questions. 

General info. I had a spinal for the surgery, I was awake for it. It took about 30 minutes in all. Nothing crazy or fancy.


As you may know – if you’ve been here a while. I love essential oils, and during my pregnancies especially! I first started using oils with my first pregnancy so I can’t say what the difference would be without it. A week or so after my surgery I started using them again. 

*Obviously there are a lot of questions around it and whether it’s safe. I found the best resource has been this Betsy Bosom Book. And google – always do your research, google makes it super easy! But i’ll share my routine/some of the favorite ones I used.

Oils to Avoid or be Cautious of

*oils in blends are at different concentrations and therefore don’t pose as big of risk

*diffusing also doesn’t pose as big of risk as applying the oil topically

Do some research and be cautious of the oils you do apply. Again the Betsy Bosom book was a great resource.

Single and Blend Oils:

  • Clary Sage is the biggest oil to avoid
  • It can bring on contractions, so people just avoid it all together until about 37 weeks.
  • Wintergreen
  • Oils with high in methyl salicylate, can act as blood thinner and therefore aren’t safest to use during pregnancy
  • Panaway
  • I just avoid this one all together. Some people use Deep Relief (which is similar) throughout their pregnancy. I just didn’t feel comfortable with that so I didn’t.
  • Basil
  • Cinnamon
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

*These oils are found in blends – which also means their concentrations are different. And then once diluted, even more so. Use caution. I don’t apply any of these oils neat (no carrier) or by themselves. But I do have rollers that have these oils in small concentrations. And I diffuse Cinnamon once in a while. Do what you are comfortable with and research is your best friend!

Favorite Single Oils

Gentle Baby: Again – everyday I used this oil!! A complete must! A couple drops in your palm with some coconut oil on your belly does wonders for the itchy feelings!

Digize: Heartburn was so rough this time around

Lemon: This also helps with heartburn – just a drop rubbed across your breastbone.

Valor – Confidence, bravery, just creates such a positive environment

Peace+Calming – keeping everyone chill

Stressaway – Another huge one, especially for me this time around. It just helps calm those emotions. And just helped me stay relaxed.

Peppermint – Helps with constipation; put a drop in the toilet before going. Any nausea you might still have. Stomach problems. Peppermint is great! Always dilute if you are applying it!

Lime – I was just obsessed with the scent. No specific reason

Favorite Oil Recipes

Belly Bump Lotion: 

This stuff is amazing – even for after just as a regular lotion!


  1. Melt the Shea butter and coconut oil together in a double boiler. Let cool slightly when it’s all combined
  2. Add Avocado and Vit E oil, as well as Gentle Baby, Lavender, Frankincense – let it cool until fairly solid – make sure to mix the oils in good!
  3. Add it to a mixer and blend until whipped!
  4. Voila!

Alkalime: pH balance powder from YoungLiving for heartburn

Digestion/Tummy Roller: Digize and peppermint; helps with bloating, upset stomach and heartburn

Favorite Diffuser Blends

Emotions: Lime + white Angelica: Mood boosting, positive atmosphere and inspire feelings of security and optimism

Relax Mama: Stressaway + Lime: Just keeping mama and babe and toddler calm

Sleep: Lavender + Valor + Cedarwood: Great for mama’s sleep; My favorite go to blends for bedtime

Favorite Maternity Clothes

I did a huge maternity clothing haul from Shein. I did it during my second trimester because at this point my old maternity clothes were starting not to fit. I got stuff that was good for the third trimester and even to wear afterwards.

*links corresponding 1/2/3/4/5/6

That’s that for the second trimester! You can check out my guide for the first trimester HERE. And any of my other motherhood posts HERE.

I truly hope this helps you and if it’s not for you but you stumbled across it, please share!

Love Crystal!!

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