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Shop spring favorites here. all your essentials and seasonal favorites for a family of 4 with 2 boys. sales and all.

I’ve compiled a bunch of our shop Spring Favorites, from shoes to shirts to swim suits and more.

Buying kids clothes is like a never ending thing. I shop in between seasons, I find shopping at the end of the season always ends up with the boys having clothes they hardly wear because the size is wrong.

You can shop last year’s haul HERE.

Replacing the basics

I replace the basics probably every 6 months, a little more often with J because he grows fast. Pants and t-shirts last a little longer thank goodness so I buy lighter long sleeves and tshirts during the spring/summer seasons. Thicker ones for fall and winter. Same for pants. Fleece lined pants for these cold Canadian winters.

I mainly shop at Carters, Old Navy, Zara and H&M. I love these stores because there is usually a sale or something for each season making it budget friendly. Carters has their organic cotton and sustainable options; h&m too – but still budget friendly.

Shopping Seasonal

I love getting some seasonal stuff from brands like Mebie Baby, Little and Lively, and Little Bipsy. A local small shop carries these brands and so much more. Baby Laurel is amazing for seasonal clothes, as well as basics.

So then of course for Summer I buy tanks and shorts, winter I get their winter boots, gear and sweaters.

It’s a science and I’ve got it down. 😛

Baby Boy Spring Favorites

Shop our baby boy spring favorites HERE.


Toddler Boy Spring Favorites

Shop our toddler boy spring favorites HERE.


Favorite Shoes

Shop HERE.

Favorite Swim Suits

Shop HERE.

Family Spring Favorites

Shop HERE.

I don’t do as much spring or fall type shopping for myself. But if I find some cute stuff I’ll buy it. Most of my clothing budget goes to the boys 😛 How about you?

Hope you enjoyed and have fun shopping!



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