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As you may know, I started this whole sensory bin through the alphabet with Mal when he started school. Here we are 2 years later and we haven’t passed C. But we’re trying again. We really focused on the alphabet as the preschool curriculum which we got from The Good and The Beautiful and I hope to use it for J as well. When we started, I did a whole week of apple-focused activities to make it a little extra fun. Starting with the ‘A’ is for apple sensory bin. It was a blast! You can find them HERE. We did a bug one for “B”, but I didn’t get organized enough to have a post about it. Then we did ‘C’ is for construction, and ‘D’ is for Dogs, you can read them on my blog too!

I like to use it as our fine arts/science curriculum. Picking these units lets the boys find things that interest them and we dig into it a little. Some are more fine art – like this one, and some are more science like our spring unit coming up with a garden part – soil and learning how plants grow, the water cycle and rainbows, and the science behind that.

Easter Baskets and Traditions:

You can read about our traditions and baskets in my other blog posts. I’ve started this scavenger/egg hunt with them in the last couple of years that goes over the reason for Easter and what it means to us as believers. We do it first and it leads to their baskets. We do it on Saturday and normally do Good Friday service and brunch as a family. Sunday is church and dinner with family. So the “extra” stuff is Saturdays!

Easter Activities:

So for this year, 2 weeks before Easter we started a family devotional in the mornings. I haven’t gotten around to doing the craft with them but we make sure to read the bible passage and work through the questions together. They are a little advanced for our oldest at 5 years old, but easily talked about together.

We did bunny shapes for a shape and colour activity for my 2yo. We made bunnies with different shapes and different coloured ears. So we just talked about the shapes and colours as we made them. My 5yo loved it too.

I found a few activity printables and sheets on Pinterest. Like this, He died for me colouring sheet. They put their name in it and recognize that He died for them but rose again. You can also follow my Instagram broadcast channel “Homeschool and Kids Activities” for more daily ideas.

Easter Books:

I have yet to find an oh my gosh we need to re-read this every year easter book, but I found a few cute ones!

Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter – of course, can’t go wrong! There are different ones you can choose from

The Good Egg is a cute and growingly popular one. The Great Eggscape is their newest one, the boys are getting it for easter!

Easter Colors by Eric Carle

Humphrey’s First Palm Sunday by Carol Heyer

Just to name a few – you can shop the whole list HERE.

‘E’ is for Easter Sensory Bin:


It’s just a quick and easy one this time around. Dyed some rice – blue, green, pink. And added eggs with letters for Judah to start recognizing them. Uppercase matching with lowercase. It took me like 20 minutes to make (only because the rice had to dry).

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